Friday, May 25, 2012

Remember me?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever..

Listen up.  Runner's World Summer Run Streak starts Monday... gotta run at least a mile every day until July 4th.  And then you should probably just keep going.. Anyhooters, DO IT.

Here's the article.,7120,s6-238-267-269-14350-0,00.html

I'm doin' it.  With my Mom.  She rocks.

Like this except running.. and not as far, and better, and skinnier.  Woot!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!  Take a picture with a flag, and thank a veteran.  God Bless and hi-five for paid holidays!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fray

Hey Gang.
Last night I saw The Fray in concert.  I was borderline talked into it, had a hard time spending the money on it, but it was TOE.  TA.  LEE. WORTH.  IT.  These guys rule.

The venue was The Pageant.  To me it's a small theatre, and the concert was sold out.  I for sure think The Fray could fill up Scottrade.  Lgrang13 (Twitter handle, follow her!) found great tix.  We even had seats!  We sat upper balcony, with a fab birds eye view of the stage.

Dia Frampton (no relation to Peter, I checked) opened.  She was Blake Shelton's finalist on The Voice last year/season.  Doesn't mean all that much to me, but we liked her!  And her five piece band, including sis, Meg.

During the 2nd or third song, Isaac, left the stage and wandered through the audience... I turned to Granger and asked, "You think he'll come up here?"


Guess where he showed up...


 Here are more pics!

I'm very artistic.. (Sepia effect)

Granger and Isaac!

Best pic I got.

Crowd surfing!! 2nd attempt...
Dance floor wasn't ready the first time and dropped him.  Idiots.

That's an accordian.
In my Top 4 "Big Name" concerts for sure (1. The Eagles 2. The Fray 3. The Band Perry 4. Brit) (Yes, I know she's lip singing...)  Plus, it's so fun to be "up close." Go see 'em.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome to the World.

Last night, at 10:50pm, my dear friends MonkeyMeg and Joe Joe welcomed a baby girl.

Grace Adele 7.5lbs, 19.5"

Isn't she somethin'!  Looks just like her daddy!!

CONGRATS LOVES!  See you tonight.

Happy Friday! Happier Weekend!