Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!

See, I told you I should get a present!

Thanks Best Mom Ever!  Robin Eggs are my favorite!  I started at 12:30 am and they're gone by 10:15 am.  And I was asleep for 5 hours.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hodge Podge

Stay with me, my thoughts don't come in order by date, and there is no sort button.

Have you soccer girls seen this?  I laughed the skin on the bottom of my toes off!  Err wait, that was from an indoor double header.  Watch this.

Mom and Dad visited my boo Tiger on Tuesday.  Lucky ducks.  Mom sent me all sorts of pics!!

In Bracketbusters... MSU SMOKED St. Mary's last Saturday.  SO AWESOME for the Racers!  Proud alum here. 

Here's the article, it says the final score was 65-51, but I'm pretty sure the final was 65-49.

And since then, the Racers have avenged their 1 loss to Tennessee State with a 17 point win over the Tigers last night!!  Next game is tomorrow against Tenn Tech.

Sing it with me...


Also, last Saturday morning I endured a battle rope beating, whoever invented those sucks. My hands, wrists, forearms, elbow pits were so sore.  That soreness finally subsided, just in time for me to do some Jillian Michaels exercises from this month's Health magazine.  OMG that was stupid.  I need a compression sleeve for my core.
That's not me, but the size of my bicpes are comparable.
What else has happened?  Weird, I can't remember.

These two beautys get married tomorrow, I'm not gonna lie, I would totally marry them.  I love them.  They'd be perfect for me.

Ryan and Kim
This also makes Ryan officially an "MSU girl"... he is sooooooOOOooooo lucky!

OH!  New Bets With Bud.

Here's a recap.

So, Tiger won his first round of Matchplay, cutting my losses by $50.  We had $100 on Round 2, which we know Tiger lost... yeah, yeah, save the heckling... so, instead of being even, IOB $200.  Newest bet: I get 4 to 1 odds MSU makes it to the Final Four.  If MSU makes it I win 400 bones, if they don't, IOB $100 (put it on my tab).  C'monnnnnnn RACERS!!!!

Next week is Leap Day, I feel like I should get a present.

Happy Friday, have a super weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bets With Bud

I.O. Bud $50.  WHYYYYY!!!
On Valentine's day, I tried to get my dad to eat a bite... A BITE!!!... of squash for $20, he said no.  Yesterday, I shoved a carrot in his face and said, "50 bucks."  He took the carrot right out of my hand and ate it!  I can't believe it!  I did not see that coming! 

We have another bet on my boy Tiger. I bet dad that Tiger would win round 1 of matchplay, he took the other guy.  C'mon even money!!!!

St. Mary's tomorrow on ESPN.  GOOOOOO RACERS!!!!!

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Blog

This woman is hilarious.

Catastrophy Wife

That's all :)


Another MSU win last night and a THIRD STRAIGHT OVC REGULAR SEASON TITLE!!  Wes and I went to the game for our Valentine's Day date.  It was a fun little RT.  The Southeast Missouri gym was packed!  Only the 5th time it's ever had more than whatever it holds.  Ha, how about those details!  We sat on the floor, and I felt like I was right up Isaiah Canaan's butt, which was cool.  I had the fancy schmancy camera, but then there was some silly announcement about NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.  PUH LEASE.  So, I put it away.  I'm such a little rule follower.  The cop may have isolated my rule breaking ability by pointing at me, but that's when I said, "Sorry!  I'll probably do it again!"  But didn't, I was too enthralled in the game.  You got lucky, cop.

Here's the article.

Saint Mary's happens Saturday.  It's also senior night. 

1 of our 3 seniors: Donte Poole

Insert:  Old Gray Mare

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Loves!
Valentine's Day is my favorite! 

This is my new Tervis Tumbler, complete with pink lid and straw.
You can't see because I'm a great photo taker.

Mom made these cookies last night, I got to write the message.
"Tweet me" is of course my fav.  And I plan to eat it today.
Inspiration found here.
Mom made Pixi bouquets!

These are in my drawer at work.
It's like giving yourself a Valentine everytime.

 I love Valentine's Day, I love wearing pink and purple and red and preferably all at once.  I love wearing as many hearts as I can at the same time.  Mom and Dad also gifted me a new super fast running outfit, good smelling lotions, a new pair of red heart shades (I've been wearing mom's), and some funky headbands, which I will compete in tonight.  Abusement Park plays at 9:35!

Tonight, the girls and I will be seeing "This Means War" pre-Abusment Park abuse.

Happy Tuesday!  Love is the closest thing we have to magic.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Redemption Day

By now I'm sure you've heard the Racers suffered their first loss of the season.  Their undefeated season is over, but their winning season is not!  Tonight we take on the Governors of Austin Peay State University.


Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bets On.

Ok, in coordination with yesterday's post.

Who watched UNC vs Duke last night?  Hopefully all of you, because it was AWESOME!

So, Duke is down 3 with under 40 seconds to go, and guess who bets Bud that Duke will win.  ME!  We put $5 on the game.  Real handshake and everything.  No odds, who needs odds?  By now, Duke is down just 1, under 14 seconds to go and OF COURSE, Austin Rivers (Son of Doc Rivers, former NBA star and currently coaching the Celtics) hits a three to win!  CHA CHING!

Bud called us even.

Happy Thursday!

Racers tonight at 7pm on ESPN3, charge your laptops!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Make A Bet

Have I already used this as a title?  Title issues, I swear.

I like to make bets with my dad.  I do it a lot.  They're usually harmless, like 99% harmless.  Generally a bet gets made when one of us thinks the other is like SO WRONG, and those actually have some stake in them.  But I also like to make him eat vegetables for money, and of course, we bet on sports.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Illinois was playing Northwestern, and with less than 1 minute to go, Illinois was down 4.  I bet dad that Illinois would win.  We shook on it, which means a bet is a bet is a bet, apparently even when you slap hands, give knucks, secret handshake, whatevs. For the record, he shook with his left and I shook with my right, that would confuse anyone making a bet, right?  Anyway, I thought I was supposed to get points, points weren't given, so I assumed the bet as null.  Wrong.  Bud hounded me the rest of the night for his money.

"You owe me 5 bucks." "Where is my money?" "Where is my 5 dollars?"

I kept telling him the bet wasn't real.  Well, good ol' Wes just informed me, we shook on it, and when you shake, it means... say it with me... a bet is a bet is a bet.  Then I said to him, what I just said to you.  He wasn't sold.

Today, I tried to get Bud to eat a carrot.  A portion of this carrot had a nasty greenish, brownish ring around it.  I just asked him to eat that part, it wasn't like I asked him to eat the WHOLE carrot.  If he ate the dirty part of the carrot, I would give him $5.  He refused.  He said, "I don't come through on bets."  Which I took very personally! 

"But I DO come through on bets, I thought Sunday's bet wasn't realllllllllllll!  C'mon DAAAAAAAAAAD."

That's how it went. 

He kept saying no to the carrot.

Bud swears cucumbers will kill him, also bell peppers.  Which is why I try to give him money to eat veggies.  The stakes have gotten pretty high, I've offered upwards of $50.  He almost did it for $50, but I chickened out.  Because I didn't want him to die!!

And because I didn't have $50...

So, I'm starting to keep notes.  "Bets With Bud"  And then I'm going to share all the bets I make with my Dad right here.  By the way, my car is ready at the dealership, I got a new latch for my hatch, if you recall... I emailed Dad to let him know my car was ready, his response...

"$5 for a ride to pick it up!!!"

IT.  IS.  ON.

Happy Wednesday!  OMG it's OMGW!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Title Block

It is so hard coming up with Titles!  Probably because I have nothing good to say :)

1.  Yeah Giants!  Who rooted for the Giants?  I rooted for LMFAO at half time, until Madonna bored me to death.  So pissed at Madge.  Then I was torn... do I vote for Eli (QB for BIG ASS TDs- my fantasy team, duh) and JPP (Blind father was at the game listening-a little awk to say), or the Patriots (Owner recently lost his wife).  WHAT DO I DO!  I chose "as long as it's a good game," which makes me such a dweeb, so I chose the Giants.  But mostly because of Little Giants... Spike's in HELL.  Spike's in PEE WEE HELL.  And so begun my chants, "GIANTS! GIANTS! (Help us GOD!)"

2.  Everyone go get a Pura Vida Bracelet.  Use code LOVE20, ends soon. (Thanks LC)

3.  MSU is 23-0, next game Thurs. at 7pm vs Tennessee State on ESPN3, and Saturday the 11th, vs Austin Peay on ESPNU at 7:30.  AP just got SMOKED by Belmont.

4.  My two fav holidays are coming up!! Valentine's day and FAT Tuesday!!  Mom made me some heart garland, she hung it in my bathroom and my bedroom. YEAHHHH MOM!

'Scuse my mess, Dad said if I picked up my floor he would vacuum for me.  So, I put it all on my bed.
Thanks Dad!

5.  Still haven't uploaded pics. It's been at least a month.

6.  Obvi, that's my go to line when I have nothing else to talk about!

Happy Tuesday!  GO RACERS!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Still Perfect!

MSU moved to 22-0 after what started off as FREAKING SCARY!!!  We were down by 11 at one point, but fear not, the Racers came back to an 8 point victory.  GOOOOOOOOOO RACERS!!!

Here's the link.

Here's the link.

I know you'll want to read both!

MSU 81 SEMO 73
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I didn't upload any pictures or do whatever I said I was going to do in yesterday's blog.  Sorry.

Last night I had a PR on the treadmill, 5K in under 29 mins.  GOOOOOOOOOO ME!  And I only almost died, instead of actually dying.  I may take it easy tonight, maybe. 

This morning I sprayed myself in the eye with hairspray.  Like STRAIGHT in the eye.  It was sad.  I cried.  Actually, my eye just watered profusely until all the crapola was exiled from my eye.  I'm having no problems seeing and will offer lessons, for a small fee. 

Like this, except IN. MY. EYE!
Besides running late overall, I left my wallet and car keys at home.  I'm only at work because Bud drove me.  I totally recommend working at the same company as your Fasha.  Especially if your Fasha rules.  By now you must be thinking, "POOOOORRRR JDUBBBB!!" however, on the way back from the restroom, two of my lovely coworkers called me over to their desks and proceeded to tell me how much they loved my hair.  They even mentioned my bangs.  Take that banghaters.

Not only did I receive a promotion, I also received compliments, from not one, but two persons.. at the same time.  Somebody get my ego it's own zip code.  Stat.

MSU plays SEMO tonight at 7pm on ESPNU.  If you come over, there will be pizza.

(I'm aware you've already seen this logo, get used to it.)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



I miss you!

I'm here, and haven't uploaded any new pics.

Murray State is 21-0!  We drew Saint Mary's for our Bracketbuster on Feb. 18.  Errybody come over and watch with me.  For reals, do it.  We play SEMO tomorrow, UTM Saturday, and have 3 more games before the 18th.  So get acquainted with the team, learn names, numbers, positions, hairstyles, calf sizes, and prepare to fall in love with Head Coach Steve Prohm.  Don't worry about me, I'm already seeing Tiger (T3 in Dubai!  WOOT!).

Also in the news, I had problems starting my car yesterday.  WTF.  You know how I feel about this right?  The same way I feel about computer problems and rap music.  Why do I have to pay so much scrilla for something that is going to break, or fail me, or buffer for 35 minutes?  And why did I not come up with, "I"m hot cuz I'm fly, you ain't cuz you not.  This is why, this is why, this is why I'm hot."?  However, those down at Jim Butler Kia rule.  I was able to take Wiggy in yesterday after work, and get her back today at lunch.  I needed a new brake switch, an oil change, and turns out my tailgate is loose, so a new latch is coming.  How can I afford this you ask?  Easy, it's fritos.  Thank you Warranty and Power Package.  I guess if Wig is gonna go down, she should do it before that stuff runs out.  Also, my totes amazing Dad noticed I was missing a tire valve cap.  Just so happens the Kia dealership is a great place to find one.  Maybe just grab it off another Sorento.  Maybe.

What else?  Abusement Park is back on track after suffering our worse loss in franchise history.  If you follow me on Twitter, you already know this.  We played in a tournament over the weekend.  Won the first two, did not win the third, not even close.  Speaking of winning, I haven't scored a goal in a while.

I also tried a new nail trend.  New for me, I realize it has been out there for a while.  I think I need more sparkles, I'll do that tonight... WHILE I UPLOAD MY OTHER PHOTOS!  YES!  My IQ just sky rocketed.

More sparkles, right?  But how good does my hand look!
I'm back in the gym, back to running after a 2.5 month hiatus... I'm already under 10 minute miles.  Jackpot!  I've been challeneged to a 5K in May.  Whoever finishes higher in their age group wins.  My competitor isn't going to wear shoes.  I will win because I will wear shoes.  Who doesn't run in shoes? 

Blackberry pics...

Mom and I celebrated Aunt Mel's 50th with Revel Fudge Brownies!
Aunt Mel would have been 50 on Jan. 28th,  she passed away from a brain aneurysm in 2003.
(Photo is of Aunt Mel holding her youngest daughter, Madeline)

Mom made (yes, MADE!) these coasters for us for Aunt Mel's birthday.
The bottom says, "The ones that love us, never really leave us."
And check out You'll probably like it more if you like skinny and you like running.

Happy Wednesdsay, lovelies.  I resolve to blog better in 2012.