Tuesday, September 25, 2012


All I'm saying is... You would be so lucky to have THIS family in THIS state.

Picture 1:  Iowa's finest!  Seriously, these are the best tacos you'll ever have.
Picture 2:  G MAN!  My love!
Picture 3/4:  Tab and me.  How HILARIOUS is picture number 3?  She'll kill me if she knows that pic is on the Internet, but that would mean she's reading my blog!  Hi-five blog.
Picture 5:  One reason my uncle may be better than yours.
Picture 6:  Cockscomb at Des Moines farmers market.
Picture 7:  (Little) girls at Blue Moon
Picture 8:  Baby Henry
Picture 9:  We made it personal! (See picture 7, guess which one is "Dago baby")
Picture 10:  Girls and Baby Henry!
Picture 11:  WAKE UP HENRY!
Picture 12:  Tasty Tacos (See how I destroy them in Picture 1)
Picture 13:  Welcome fire.

Happy Tuesday!  New Girl is BACK tonight!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Headed North

Hey Dudes.
Monday: 5 mi
Tuesday: HUGE W for Abusement Park, 1 goal and 9,000 Defensive stops for this girl.
Weds: 3 mi
Thursday: 11 mi (WHAT?? I KNOW! ON THE F ING TREADMILL! 1:49)
Friday: Drive to Iowa (... Zack 10 bucks), consume crown in the honor of THIS GUY (below).

Papa, he would be 87 today.
Sat: Farmers Market and family time and piano bar
Sun: Drive home
I guess I'll run again on purpose on Monday.

What's in Iowa you ask?
These people.

Have a great weekend!
15 days till half marathon.
26 days till NEW YORK.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


OMGW! Remember my very fabulous trip to DC??? When Katie and I visited our 3rd roommate and her husband for obviously not enough time!

88 Welch: Katie, me, Allie

Well... said 3rd roommate, Allie (and hubby, Matt), welcomed baby girl Ezri Mae Williams on Sept. 18 at 3:51pm.

Look at this perfect child!

So happy for the Williams' and our newest addition to the 88 Welch family!!

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Monday 5 mi, under 49
Tuesday, soccer.
Today, 3 mi.

9/11.. Patriot Day (belated). The older I get the more I love America.  I mean, the more sentimental I get during the national anthem, the more appreciation I feel for a soldier... I just want to wear red, white and blue every day.  I want to hi-five everyone I see, and wear an American flag fanny pack... I just love being patriotic, or witnessing patriotism.  Last year, on the 10 year anniversary, this happened. And this year, Bussie flew her flag proudly!  And it looked fantastic!

I found this quote by Hamilton Fish: "If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace."  I hope that any and all directly affected by the attacks on 9/11 can and will find peace knowing that everyone surviving and otherwise became heroes that day.  And heroes are born, not found.

God Bless the USA!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Workouts I keep forgetting to write...
Ummmmm, last Sat. Sept 1: I didn't run, OOPS, BIG OOPS.
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 4.5 on the schedule, I went for 5... 2 mi, then potty break, then 3 mi
Tuesday: Indoor soccer double header... win, win.
Weds: 3 mi
Thurs: Rest
Fri: 5 mi, PR 46:23
Sat: 10 mi, I walked some.. Finished around 1 hr 40 mins
Today: 5 mi

BMWCM = BMW Championship Monday (duh)

Over the weekend, I didn't see Kenny Loggins.  His gig was Friday night, NOT Saturday night.  And I wasn't really prepared.  Plus, there was a Cards game that appraently I HAD to watch till 2:25am, blah.

However, OSTW (Operation See Tiger Woods) was a success!!  I love him, a lot.  Phones are allowed at golf tournaments these days, but pics are prohibited.  NBC owns the rights, and if you take a pic with your phone, you can bet they will take your phone. Good thing I'm very sneaky and good looking.  I'll save you the question, "Why didn't you take any pictures of Tiger if you love him so much?"  Well, smartass, Tiger's security is ridic.  Seriously, nobody else on that golf course had as many secret service guys inside the ropes with them.  Not even the two groups behind Tiger.  There were at least 4 under cover brothers, dressed in civilian clothes... and when Tiger would hit, his men would watch the spectators.  If you even had your phone in your hands, they would say, "MA'AM, PLEASE PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY."  Plus, there is nothing like Tiger in real life.


#18... Ernie Els on left.

Phil (Blah) and Vijay in 8 fairway.

The hardware!

I think you can tell which cheek is ailing...
My ears were a HUGE hit! I even got a head nod from Stevie Williams (Tiger's estranged caddy), I bonded with a lady when she asked if I was a Tiger fan... I said no, and we giggled!  One guy gave me the ol, "Good for you!" and another guy thought they were so great, he borrowed them for a pic to send to his son.  But the best... One of Tiger's security peeps.  We chatted on 8 and again on 18.  He was supposed to give Tiger my number.  Still waiting for that phone call... Mom and I even scored free BMW Champ golf balls.  It was a perfect Sunday for championship golf, the weather was gorgeous!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Thank God it's Friday, Canker sores suck.

Remember this post?

It's happening again. Someone get me an IV with liquid vitamin B, stat.

And I found this pic...

It's a mix between The Lion King and Tiger Woods. Obvi, a winner.

Have a faboo weekend! I'll be seeing Kenny Loggins, and Tiger Woods.. in that order.  This would be a really good weekend to start following me on Twitter (@Jwil18).

Thursday, September 6, 2012



This is a VERY special day!

Today is Cap'n Konze's birthday!!

And the birth day of Henry Steven Wilson.

Little brother of this sweet face.

Oh Happy day!