Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Thankful For Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving was easily the best Thanksgiving I'll ever have in 2010.... ;)

We had family, friends, food, SNOW, tigers, lions, giraffes, okapis, lots of alcohol, a birthday, fun, and more food and alcohol!

In preparation, besides cleaning and cooking and baking, mom and I put together our centerpieces. If anyone wants to hire us to run their florist, we'll consider it, but it'll cost ya! Mom bought red roses, greens, and this yellow stuff...

The red roses and the yellow stuff.
Finished products!

Shame on me for not taking any pictures of the formal dinner table, but trust.. it was GORGE!

Our guests arrived Wednesday night, it was our typical Thanksgiving Eve.. snacks, pizza, drinking, and dessert making.. the best part, we get to try eat the desserts!

Notice the gorgeous centerpieces!
Usually, we run the Turkey Trot Thursday morning, this year we had SNOW! Can you believe it! SNOW! Because of this light wintry mix, we forfeited the run and slept in. I don't think anyone was that disappointed..

Thursday afternoon was passed with board games and champagne. After dinner, we worked off our tryptophan comas with a little Rock Band!

If anyone knows the drummer, tell him to call me ;)
Speaking of drummers, look out for this crazy chick on our upcoming Tour.

Friday afternoon was spent at the zoo and Saturday, at the Anheuser Busch Brewery in downtown St. Louis, MO. A select few attended Beer School in the morning and the rest of us met up with the graduates for the Beermaster Tour. It was AWESOME! We ended the magnificent weekend with a birthday!
Step 5: Adding hops and stuff..

The Clydesdales! The names above the stalls are the names of the original horses.
That is NOT Scott.
Happy 23rd Birthday!

Saturday night it was just Mom, Dad and me. We watched Julie and Julia, and loved it! Today, begins day 1 of Christmas Shopping!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am oh so thankful for my life.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fools Rush In

Has anyone seen Fools Rush In? With Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek?? And I'm not looking for, "I've seen parts..." I want a full out, "YES!" and an added, "LOVE IT!" would be nice. Anyway, remember the part when Salma's brothers take Matthew (I don't remember their show names.. shame on me!) out for a boys day, or whatever. And Matthew comes back with a half empty bottle of Tequila and Cactus needles in his rump.. and he has this crazy, flirting with fake, Mexican Spanish Mexican accent.. Remember???? The brothers carry Matthew through the door and either throw him, or he falls face first on the floor, and says.. "Lucy, ju got some splainin ju do..." Ok. Yeah. So, I wish I talked like that when I was drunkski.. I wish it was like, "my thing." Like I couldn't help it.. in fact, I would drink more if it were just something that came natural while being under the influence. Then, I might even talk like that when we're all out at a bar, just because I can, and the worst thing that people will think of me is that I've had one too many fishbowl margaritas..

Happy Thursday :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who can I hire to massage my neck while at work?

Hi peeps,

Just taking a break from Open Enrollment forms to show you THIS.

Jada with her Aunt Bonch/me.. jealous?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome to the World, Jada!

Welcome to the World, Jada Jane Juenger!!! (And, sorry I'm a day late)

THE "Baby J" now, formally known as the above, ok I'll say it again, Jada Jane Juenger, was born Wednesday, November 10 at 3:36am. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz., stretching to a very model-esque, 20".

Mom and baby are doing well.. Obviously.. And, Gooch is probably ok too.
 Congrats, Lovebugs!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lame Title.. err.. No Title Tuesday

I know what you're about to say, and save it! (WHERE'S THE FULL RECAP OF CHELSEA'S SHOW, THAT YOU PROMISED.. BOO HOO.. I'm talking to myself..)

The show was great. Not the best ever, but great. Chris Franjola opened for Chels. Apparently, he's on the show (Remember, I don't watch..) and he got boo-ed. Tear. Actually, it wasn't him, it was the sound.. we, in the upper decks had issues hearing the Comedian. Not cool. However, I giggled at his jokes. You know how some funny people just take it too far.. I felt like he did that. He did his thing for 15-20 mins, and that was plenty. Then, a mere 5 minutos later, Chelsea appeared! I wasn't fond of her outfit, neither was Mary.. which generally means, we're right. Her lady parts were super floppy when she jumped around.. maybe that's her bra's problem. Otherwise, she had her hair in a messy pony and was wearing a headband.. something I might wear to the gym versus a show.. I mean, I straightened my hair.. which as we all know, is a twice-a-year occurrence. Anywho.. she had kind of a ostrich-y walk, either because she was loaded or her feet hurt in her high heeled boots.. you tell me. Otherwise, HYSTERICAL. But, if you want me to go see her again, buy me a ticket or get me in for free.

Below is funny man, Chris Franjola. I bet I'm not the only one who didn't know him.

Chrissy poo

Friday, November 5, 2010

Are you there Chelsea? It's me, JDub.

Chelsea Handler will be at the Keil Savvis Scottrade Center in St. Louis tomorrow! YAHOO! I've read one or two (I can't remember) of Chelsea's books and they are ridiculously funny. I'm not particularly in love with her show, but I also don't stay up that late on a school night.. and if I'm up, I'm watching re-runs of "What Not to Wear".. or "The Mighty Ducks", but you knew that.

Are we all familiar with Chuy??? He's a 'little person' or maybe a dwarf.. or as we all really like to call 'them'.. midgets. Gross. No offense. But seriously. What's the point of him? I don't really know anything about him or them or the show or how she got her start.. all I know is what I read, and that she is HI-LAR-IOUS. And that is plenty for me.

I promise a full show recap on Monday (for ALL my readers.. whatever).

Did I mention, BUSTA IS BACK! (And full of celeb gossip..  I've heard the rumors, but never any worthy confirmation.. until NOW.. Chels and Fiddy are an item!)

She's a Jewish-Mormon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Everyone look at my new shoes!

You probably want to see my new purhcase!
Purple platforms with bows! And for a steal, $31.47.

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I think it's actually All Saints Day, which means if you're in private school, you have today off. Lame. I can't really complain, I could have taken the day off. Here are some of my favorite things from Halloween.

Mummies and Bugs for Halloween Dinner.

Green Fangs at work.

Happy Halloween Bouquet from Wes.

Light up Skeleton ring!

Tattoo Sleeve at work.
Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!


My favorite time of year and TOP 5 movie (Days of Thunder).

HALLOWEEN has come and gone, it seems like only yesterday.. oh wait, it was YESTERDAY! HA! This marks my most favorite time of the year.. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years!! Mostly because of paid vacation days, but in a close second are family, friends, good food, staying in my pajamas all day, new toys, festive outfits and lots of cheer!

When I was little, Mom made my costumes.. bear, cat, dragon (FAV!), unicorn.. then for like 5 years in a row I was a "beat up soccer player".. I wore my soccer uniform and had fake blood coming out of my nose. As if I wasn't in that uniform enough! In college, we got a little more creative.. ninja turtles out of scrubs and t-shirts.. mom made me into an Ice Dancer.. HUGE HIT.. I wore my HULK HANDS and called myself The Hulk.. oh and let's not forget that cat.. talk about easy!

Within the past few years, Thanksgiving has become a big hit at our house.. with lots of visitors (more attending each year) and new traditions.. including The Turkey Trot and ZOO FRIDAY (previously BLACK FRIDAY), my personal favorite..

Christmas is always very low key.. which seems like an oxymoron.. just me, mom and dad. We watch movies, eat anything we want, play in our own [ROCK] band and tie Christmas bows on the cats. Last year, I joined my boyfriend in Southern Illinois for his favorite holiday tradition.. The Eldorado Holiday Tournament (high school basketball).

What are your favorite holiday traditions???

I wore my Gramma Toodie's poodle skirt, and Gramma Wilson's scarf in my hair.