About Me

Hello!  And welcome to I'm bored..

Initially, there was no real rhyme or reason or schedule to my/this blog.  I might be entertaining myself, my mom and a few friends only, but that's plenty!  I guess I would classify this as a "lifestyle" blog.. I dunno.  I only classified it because that's what everyone else does.  And if you jumped off a bridge, I would too.

Bottom line, just as discussed here, don't take anything too seriously.

As for me.. I like movies, and SHOPPING, and music.. Rap makes me mad.. I'm hot cuz I'm fly, you ain't cuz you not.. REALLY?  I also really love Twitter.  I mean really.

I graduated from Murray State University (GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RACERS!!!), with a BS in Exercise Science, my plan was to get my certifications and get a job in the Strength and Conditioning department at a university.  That really didn't work out, I blame the economy, and everyone but myself.  If I exercise, I'm running, which makes me a runner, I guess.  I work full time for a manufacturing company as a Systems and Pricing Analyst.  I have two cats, and I live with my mom and dad (hi-five!).  Everyone tells me, "that's ok, you will save a lot of money!"  Well, I feel like I'm broke, and I have like zero bills.  Somebody is LYING.

I like to make fun of things, usually that includes people.. I have a great support system including friends and family and work friends and work families.
I love eating and working out running being active and staying busy.. I make my mom run half marathons with me, and if she refuses, she is forced to be my race crew (read: hold my stuff). She's so good at it though! And my dad loves Lady Gaga. My boyfriend is a lawyer, so don't mess with me.

Have I mentioned everyone?  NO!

TIGER WOODS.  I love him.  I more than love him. 

Enjoy. Laughter is life's greatest medicine. 

And never tell your parents, "I'm bored" when you're on vacation. You'll be in deep dog doo-doo.