Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm just going to ignore that big elephant standing behind you, since nobody really cares (where I've been...) and answer some questions I stole from SR about running, because that's what I've been doing lately. And because we all know you really DO care.

1.  Why did you start running?
Uh, you can't not run and play soccer.
I started running to:
 1. Lose a teensy weensy bit of the ol' Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior 90.
Just kidding, but seriously.
And, 2. there were a group of 4 of us that gave it a go.
2.  Best running memory? 
It was pretty ding dang cool to run a half next to my mom.  The whole way.
Hi-five, Mom!

3.  What shoes do you run in?
I haven't found a brand, style, etc that I swear by.
I usually go for Saucony or Asics.
Currently running in an Asics.  They're green.

4.  Favorite and least favorite distances to run?
Favorite is 0 mi.
I think my best mileage is 5 and 10, probably more mental than anything.
Least favorite is 5K.
5.  Do you have a running partner?
My mom.  She always lets me win.
6.  What is your favorite running accessory?
Probably my Garmin, it's a pretty sweet accessory.
But there is something to running with no time, mileage, etc on your wrist.
I also prefer to wear sweet shades, so I don't have to look anyone in the eyes.
7.  Outdoor or indoor running?
Eh.  Whatever.
8.  What is your favorite time of the day to run?
I prefer to run first thing after waking up.
Sometimes that's around 2 pm.
9.  What races have you run?
I've ran my share of local 5Ks, and a couple 5 milers.
Lewis and Clark Half Marathon (twice).
Go! St. Louis Marathon Relay, keyword: RELAY.
Soldier Half Marathon at Fort Benning (WAY COOL!)
Hero Run Half Marathon
10.  What is the hottest or coldest weather you have ever ran in?
Hottest was 80s, coldest was like 27 or something stupid like that.
11.  Other exercises you love?
Soccer, golf.
I play soccer at least 1x a week with my beloved #AbusementPark
12.  Are you currently training for something?
Si, IMS Arizona half, 3 weeks away!
13.  What are your current or future goals?
My goal for IMS AZ is to not die the last 3 miles.
I always feel like I run a pretty great 10 mi race and then DEATH sets in.
I'd also like to finish at 2:09:59.
No future goals.
14.  Advice for new runners?
You're not going to die.
15.  Why did you start a blog?
Makes me feel like someone (even if it's really a someTHING and it's the computer) is listening.
See you in a few months.