Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's been more than a year...

Ummmmmm.  This is awkward.

Happy March 2016 (!!), raise your hand if you have a Four Leaf Clover tattoo... (I don't.)

See you next year.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Thought it Was Wednesday

I was trying to come up with a catchy title for Wednesday, but alas... it's next Tuesday! My bad.

It's price increase time at my day job. Which means I'm mad at the world. Seriously, I was for about a week. It's less overwhelming now because we're a week in, but I mean, just don't talk to me.

Let's talk about "working from home" - I truly believe my mother is the only one who literally works from home. I think everyone else just says it. "I'm working from home today!" means I'm sleeping in, logging in around 10, taking a 2 hour lunch at 11, and logging off at 3 - because I have to go to the grocery store. Why don't you just take the day off? I don't get it. Is it to save PTO? Don't you have to take an ethics exam? That's not very ethical.

Mom and I have been going to yoga every Monday for like 5 weeks. We're very bendy. Seriously though, I dig it. The teacher definitely makes a difference. We also take it VERY seriously. Not.

Tomorrow, we're gonna "cycle" - the new fancy schmancy term for "spin". I'm gonna meet you halfway and go with "spinsies!"

This weekend is an indoor soccer tourney, my boo LGrang is coming in town for it. We probably will end up forfeiting because the stupid boys on our team always sign us up for shit without enough girls. So we spend all of our energy searching the valleys and mountains of Missouri for girls that play soccer. I'm not exaggerating. It's also the car show. Vroom vroom, baby.

Happy whatever day it is. I gotta poop.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have the best story ever, but I can't tell it. My mom would murder me, and she's the only one that reads this. But it has to do with toots - like from the butt.

Also, I promised you pics of moi from NYE, and I shall not disappoint.

Here I am. Ain't I somethin'?

And here I am really freakin' annoyed at my super wonderful boyfriend:

I like the angry look. It suits me.

Also, check out my badass mani.

Alright, well, that's it. Inquire within for the toots-day story. New New Girl and Mindy tonight. 


PS  I feel like everyone is reading Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please, are you?

Manic Monday

I meant to post this yesterday, whoops. But here's what I had to say. So pretend, K?

This Monday really is freakin' manic. Most of us are back to work (me). 

Did you see Granger's blog? Homegirl is on a roll. I can't wait till she talks about online dating... hahaha... who's done it? Spill it.

Lots of things happened this weekend... 
Stuart Scott died. That was terribly sad. I don't know Stuart personally, nor do I watch SportsCenter religiously. But I can tell by the way everyone else spoke of him what an incredible man and friend and father he was. I did see his ESPYs Jimmy V Perseverance award acceptance speech. At the end he said, "When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live." and then he asked his daughter to come up on stage and give him a hug, and I'm pretty sure one of those lovely ladies in the same row told her to leave her shoes... Those are my kind of people! Seriously though, isn't that it? He nailed it. "You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live." A motto for all to live by - even if their demon isn't cancer. RIP Stuart Scott, and may God bless those affected personally by his death. And fuck you cancer. 

Here's this if you haven't seen it.

I saw Wild and Unbroken. Now, I may have underestimated Wild and overestimated Unbroken, but I liked Wild A LOT, and did not like Unbroken all that much. I think you should read Unbroken.

New Year's Eve happened. Happy 2015 errbody. That was a fun night. Our little double date ended at Hiro, watching the Food Network at the bar. For like over an hour. I have a pic somewhere. My shirt had fringe, self high-five!

I finished all 9 season of HIMYM. Not at once. I just mean, I finally finished. I remember everyone being unhappy about the finale. I thought it was sweet. I mean, SPOILER ALERT, the mom dies, and I understand that all nine seasons were essentially built around this girl, but still. Ted and Robin, finally, so we can stop hearing about it. Ugh. I heard there was an alternate ending, yes? No? Anyone seen it?

Check this out. Dad, me and mom - senior pics. Break me off a piece of that!

Yoga tonight. I'm such a yogi. I got my very own mat for Christmas. It's green. Der.

Hello angels.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Call the Cops.

Call the Cops. There's a robbery in progress... Granger about to steal the showwwwwww.

It's a song, guyz, calm your shit (Nelly's "Steal the Show")

My bestie, LEG, is starting her own blog. Yahoo! She typos a lot when we text and email, and she knows it, and she knows I hate it! I used to delete her Facebook comments when she typo-ed. I just hate it. Sometimes I make her re-tweet (not RT, but do it over) at me when she typos in the first one. IG won't let me delete comments, so that's good for her. And stressful for me. All I'm saying is, ignore them. She means well.

We saw The Fray together, so here's a picture of the concert. I am blogging from work (shocking) and I don't have pictures here. GRANGER SEND ME (at work) A GOOD PICTURE OF US!

Merry Christmas. Mine was awesome, how was yours? Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Glory Day

Guys, there was this one high school basketball game I played in. I mean I played in a thousand, but this one game will always stand out. We lost 1000 - 10. Uh, basically. I think the real score was like 84-26. No chance, right?

The particular school we were playing was and will always be a great rival of mine, mostly because of my loyalty to the red, white and black. AND this specific team had 5 (FIVE!) potential D1 NCAA starters - There was one girl who ended up playing volleyball in college instead of basketball. That's the only reason for my use of "potential" - One individual on said team went on to play in the WNBA, and professionally around the world.  She is currently coaching for George Mason University.

Let me tell you, this young woman was clearly the best basketball talent I ever came across, and I played in a lot of tournaments, I went to invite only camps, and I NEVER saw anyone with even close to the same poise, talent, and discipline of this athlete.

Which brings back to this one game... I, Jessica Leigh Wilson of Chesterfield, MO, picked Dionnah Jackson's crossover SO CLEAN, it was like buttering a piece of bread, with margarine. I mean it was so easy. I was stunned. She probably remembers, too, because I bet it only happened that one time in high school... or ever.

What happened after isn't important... BUT, what a great moment, right! I'm pretty sure I autographed the stat book that night, or at least suggested I should get to... right next to 33 Jessica Wilson SG. Steals 1. Nevermind that I was high scorer that night with 8 pts - I had that one steal, that one fabulous steal.

Wishing everyone at least one fabulous moment this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Most of 2013, And All of 2014

Let me get you caught up to today. I know I said see you next year but it's pretty dead here (at work - incriminating myself) and I'm good at switching screens when people walk by, and I have to be better than LEG at blogging, so here goes.

January 2013, I posted Runnin' - it was a survey, and an easy excuse for a post. But had nothing to do with January of 2013.

Oh crap, work emails... brb.

Jan. 2013 Celebrated the New Year at Three Sixty in STL with LEG and Meagher. It was no fun.

Feb. 2013 Somewhere between Jan. and Feb. I officially ended things with my ex-boyfriend, I also went bridesmaid dress shopping for Mary's wedding. There is a good chance it was the same day, and that's why I remember them both vividly.

Mar. 2013 McKenzie Susan is born, and Evelyn Grace is born.

April 2013 Birthday!

May & June 2013 Raging consumed most of my summer... Best. Summer. Ever.

July 2013 Met new (current) boo, and LEG moves to Chicago.

Aug. 2013 Promotion, and my BFF Katie seals the deal in Estes Park, CO.

Oct. 2013 My new (current) boo FINALLY asks me out, GEEZE.

Nov. 2013 Mary ties the knot in St. Louis, MO.

Dec. 2013 Christmas! And Carly Danielle is born.

Ha, isn't it funny the things I remember, and clearly I don't remember a lot. Well, it's not that I don't remember, I just can't pin point the date. That's fair, right? I ran two half marathons - but I dunno when. October and ?? Mom? When was it? - This just in. Mom said I ran one race in Feb. and the other in October. Thanks Mom!

Jan. 2014 I finally got an iPhone!

Feb. 2014 (I have my calendar now!) Wisdom teeth extraction. Seriously, it was like nothing. I mean, the amount of bloody-saliva-spit was disgusting, and I'm not grossed out easily. But mom just told me to close my eyes, and she changed the gauze. Dr. Mom is the best, and NOT OPEN FOR REFERRALS. SUCK ON THAT.

Mar. 2014 Taylor Katherine is born, and I graduated Beer School.

Apr. 2014 Half Marathon # 7 & birthday!!

May 2014 Bill starts his dream job!

June, July & Aug. 2014 A trip to Miami with Jill to visit Mary, a couple visits to Chicago (Hey LEG!) and lots of soccer (WORLD CUP and Tottenham)! Family vacay to Tablerock lake - this place was GORGE! And a trip to Colorado for Katie's 30th bday - you old Hag! Plus, three times to the Ozarks!

Oct. 2014 Half Marathons # 8 & # 9 (My # 9 was mom's # 2! Hahaha # 2...), celebrated one whole year with Bill.

Nov. 2014 I broke my toe. And some of my friends had a very retro 30th birthday party at the local skating rink, it was the best one yet!

That brings us to Dec. 2014 - Mom, Dad, and I saw Garth Brooks and it was FAAAAAABULOUS (Say it like the Grinch), I'm a GB fan, but this event blew me away! Mom and I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k, it was fun! The path is a lot like the RNR STL which we are very partial to. Christmas is up next! Then New Years, no plans here (yet). What are your plans?

In 2014, Ferguson also happened. Should we discuss it? It was and is still a sensitive subject. There are so many different angles to see and hear and debate over. I've never been on either end of racism. However, all colors and shapes and sizes of people can be ignorant. And I think ignorance is deliberate. I think a lack of knowledge fuels a lot of fires - whether it be media, neighbors, hearsay, etc. It's no secret racism still exists, but it's not "supposed" to, right? At least, we're led to believe that. In Remember The Titans, one of my favorite movies of all time, black and white athletes are faced with becoming a team - a cohesive, working unit. Exactly what the world is "supposed" to become, but on a much smaller scale. Right? I mean, basically. I'll leave you with an image and quote from my favorite scene:
"Attitude reflects leadership, Captain."
And a disclaimer: That's not a dig at Obama. Parents, teachers, law enforcement. coaches, librarians, random guy at the grocery store. Just people setting examples for other people.

How many times have you seen Home Alone this month? I think I watch it 3 times a week. In fact, I think I watched it twice on Saturday. So there. #Ahhhhhhh

See ya 'round.