Friday, July 30, 2010


Here I am, breaking all the rules.

Mom and I were in Lexington, KY last weekend for Creole's (her real name) wedding.. We gave ourselves a tour of UK before the nuptials.
I'm not a UK anything fan, but I'm a HUGE Women's soccer fan.

Happy married life to Creole and Greg! I enjoyed every minute of my time in Lexington.

See you soon!

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

What do the names Grandpa Elliott and Washboard Chaz mean to you?

Watch this.

Look at me go!

Something I do, say and hear a lot..

(I do)
I like to use ".." a lot.. see. I'm ok with periods and commas.. but the double period just seems so much more appropriate.. and then I don't have to talk/chat/type in complete sentences. I think I type the way I talk, and I just don't talk with commas..

(I say)
I find shortening words to be very efficient and hilarious.
Me: I just won the lottery! (For real, like last year.)
You: Oh my gosh, that is amazing!
What you should have said: Oh em gee, that's AMAZE!
Try it. You'll be a big hit.

(I hear.. I crab about this one a lot to my mom and boyfriend)
If you do this, stop doing it. If you know someone who does this, I don't know what you should tell them.
You: Who is hosting the potluck next Wednesday?
Me: Minerva.
You: I thought so, but I wanted to make sure.
Did you really think that??? It's ok to not know something..

This brings me to one of my life lessons.. Some time during my adolescence, my soccer coach asked me why I did something on the soccer field.. My response was, something like, "I thought.. I wanted.. I just.. uhhhhhh.." and my coach said, "Just say 'I don't know'" so I said, "I don't know." (I'm very coachable.) Instantly, he lightened up, and explained to me what I should have done.. He gave me a totally appropriate shoulder squeeze, and said, "Excuses are for losers.. get back out there." Well, at 12-14 years old, I was NOT going to be a loser.

I'm bored..

Just a little background on the "I'm bored.." phenomenon.. Don't roll your eyes, I'm not exaggerating.

A group of us took a trip to Hilton Head, SC end of May.. in the middle of normal.. err.. typical conversation, Sarah Buss blurts out "I'm bored.." REALLY BUSS??? How appropriate.. turns out, Buss' short lived Tourette syndrome was more than appropriate, it was AMAZE! Props to Professor Ball BUSSter for starting this new trend.

Lucky for Buss, and with most thanks to me, this "I'm bored" fad has officially bypassed the temporary-ness because.. you guessed it.. I'm still talking, using, saying it! High-five!

As you can tell, we're all pretty bored.
Disclaimer: There were more very important people on this trip, however, the group shown, is the group that flew together. And those who fly together, well, are bored together.


Last night, Mom told me, "Jessica.. you should start a blog. I think I should too.. but yours would be funnier." No pressure.. thanks, mom! So I googled "start your own blog" and the rest, as they say, is history!

Welcome, I guess? Enjoy, and don't take anything too seriously.