Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year


Christmas was wonderful!  I'm looking forward to celebrating the New Year, also!

I was completely spoiled (again) this Christmas.  I'm so lucky, and blessed, and grateful.  Amazing.  I can't wait to share all some all of the pictures I've been taking with my NEW FANCY PANTS CAMERA!!!  SERIOUSLY.  CANNOT.  WAIT.  

I hope everyone's remaining 2011 is happy and safe!

SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!  (My favorite part of the whole New Years shabang is getting to say that.)

Happy whatever today is!  Vegas in 9 days!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


So, blogs are pretty boring sans pictures, agree?  Agree.

I'm going to use that as my reason why I haven't blogged since Monday.  Or whenever it was. 

This week was casual week.  And I had a really hard time with it.  WHY!  I have plenty of clothing, plenty of "casual wear."  Why is it so hard to dress casual for four days?  I mean, what the heckles did I do in school?  It helps when you have games during the week, because then obvi we wore our unis or warm-ups... mostly to be recognized.  It's not like us wearing our uniforms reminded anyone to come watch us play.  For the most part. 

I think I'm going to dress better in 2012.  Wear more of my closet.  Yeah, and I'm not going to text, tweet or update my facebook status while driving.  Too many killed this year from texting and driving.  Doesn't that make you mad?  It makes me mad.  Think of something for me to give up during Lent.

Last night I took this picture...

Mustaches are for girls.
 There's a big basketball game tonight.  Winner gets braggin' rights.  I'm pretty sure that's it.  I'll be wearing orange.  I'm a true neutral fan, but since I'm going to this game because of Illinois fans, I figured the least I could do was support their team.  And buy 'em a dog.  Plus, I'm not in love with Mizzou or anything.  Go Racers!!! 13-0! 

What else is going on?  You gems ready for Christmas?  How about Hanukkah?  It's night number 2, yeah?  Send me pics of your trees and menorahs! 

Wednesday night at home, Mom, Dad and I were all downstairs.  The cats were upstairs.  Actually, they were downstairs.  But, I think Pedro chased Sweeper upstairs.  You should have heard them!  It sounded like Santa was on the roof... with four tons of reindeer, presents, and a sleigh (collectively).  The cat has lead paws! We all know Pedro has had a rough and tumble battle with his weight.  He's probably at his highest right now... we'll chalk it up to the holiday season.

But look at him... still getting on top of the table that he shouldn't be on!

Happy Thursday! 3 days till Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011



This weekend needs to come back.  I don't recall getting enough sleep!

Friday evening we put another rec volleyball championship under our belts. 

I guess I had my foot kicked up, beacuse I definitely have two legs.
The little one in the orange was our MVP.

Saturday, Mom fnished decorating the tree, while I watched (and Mom listened and watched) half of the final season of Friday Night Lights, I'm looking forward to finishing it!  I miss Tim Riggins.  We did some shopping, met Dad for dinner and then I went out on the town with my Bff!  We met a group of boys and girls at Double D's, we all made it out without being signed up for Karaoke, I'm kind of impressed.

Kitchen Tree

Main Tree

While we were out, we found some eyeliner.
Jake has 3 sisters, he's used to it.

Granger and me
Sunday, Wessie and I did some shopping and then I went to the Blue's game with Katie, Nick and Justin.  It was a lot of fun, and the Blues won!!  Free Big Macs today with your ticket, and cheap sodies at Mobile.

Happy Monday! 6 days till Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011



Did you see this on Kate's blog?

I don't think I believe it!

Also, Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest at work today.  I'll post pics later!

HIDEOUS, I want it!

And, the Racers moved to 11-0!

Next game is Sat. vs Arkansas State! GOOOOOOOOOOO Racers!

Happy Friday

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the news...

Did you awesome annies see this stuff?

First, Dutch architects design buildings in Seoul that look a lot like the WTC on 9/11.  Dutch architects say sorry, but no way, and we're not taking it down.

Here's the article...


Dutch Paralympian Monique was in a bicycle crash last year that reversed her paralysis!  You heard me... RE VERSED HER PAR AL YSIS!

See you in Rio in 2016 Monique!

I'm excited!

Here's the article...

Happy Tuesday!
12 days till Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

25 Car Accidents


How was your weekend??  Mine was fab!!  It started Thursday evening at dinner with my boo at Maggiano's in Brentwood.  Have you been?  I've been to the one in Nashville, TN, but never here.  It was delish!  We got such a good deal, too!  For $40, we could share an appetizer or get our own side salads (we chose salads), choose 2 (YES, TWO!) entrees from a list of 12-ish "Classic" pastas, one to eat in and one to take home.  And we also got dessert!  It was great!  And of course, you never finish your entree, so we took that to go, too!  Cha ching!  After dinner we saw Tower Heist.  I loved it!  I laughed my head off. 

Friday evening Wes took me to 1111 Mississippi, he rules!  No matter what, get the gooey butter cake when you go. 

Saturday, we played Demolition Ball!  It was way more fun that I ever imagined!  I mean the game itself.  I love my Hammer Buddies.  The bumper cars weren't your usual Six Flags bumper cars.  These had a bit more fire under their hoods.  And there was no electrical thing hitting the fence above you, I think all the electricity came from the ground.  And instead of a steering wheel, we used a joy stick, more like in a bumper boat.  Half the cars are yellow, half are red.  And there is a red target and a yellow target.  You play with one ball and scoops.  The idea is similar to basketball, I guess.  It took some getting used to!  There is NO SLASHING and NO BACK RAMMING.  Rules I may have decided to ignore.  My big play of the game... I straight up swatted Patrick, he's like 9 feet tall and one of his arms probably extends the length of my body.  We still lost.  After an hour of demo ball, we had our gift exchanged.  I ended up with a gift card to Einstein's Bagels, I'm super pumped!

Saturday night, Wes and I line danced our hearts out at Electric Cowboy, I love that place.  We watched Rounders Sunday late morning, and had dinner at Dewey's with mom and dad.  We finished the weekend right with a Murray State victory!! 76-72 over No. 21 Memphis.  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RACERS!

I'm feeling the wrath of demo ball today.  SUPER sore!!  Hands, arms, hips, legs, ribs... Apparently it's a full body workout...  or it's just like getting into 25 car accidents.

Happy Monday!

13 Days till Christmas, you ready?

Thursday, December 8, 2011


OMG I missed OMGW, again.

Here's what you missed.

Um, Monday, nothing happened.  But it was St. Nick's night!  Did you put your shoes out?  I did!

I was oh so generously gifted this jcrew scarf and onesie...

Some reading material (Allure Magazine, GREAT article with Lea Michelle), this Essie nail polish...

"Sew Psyched"

Some Vitamin B Complex (Cha ching!), and Goldfish crackers.

(I had all the items pictured as links, and all the links went to the homepages of the websites.  I'm annoyed!)

Tuesday, St. Nick's Day, Team Abusement Park added another W to our record with a thrilling 12-1 win over whomever it was we played.  Go ahead and give me your hat.

Wednesday, nada.

Today, a little decorating at The Duffman's.

Tomorrow, volleyball game.  We HAVE to win, no pressure.

Saturday, the highly anticipated HammerBodies Christmas Party!  We'll be playing Demolition Ball, you heard me.  And at night, you'll probably find me west of Chesterfield in my red cowboy boots.

Also, keep my BFF and this loveable mut (in black) in your thoughts and prayers.  He was hit by a car last week, and had hip surgery a couple of days ago.  Last I heard he was doing fine, just hard to keep the big guy down!
Soup, Katie, Wally, me: And we're the three best friends that anyone could have...
Happy Thursday!  If I don't talk to you have a great weekend!

Friday, December 2, 2011

An Hour And Fifteen Minutes Later...

I found it!  I found it!  I found the palette! And the link to it!'color_design'_shadow_&_liner_palette:343601&cm_pla=makeup:women:eye&cm_ven=Froogle,Google_Product_Ads&mr:adType=pla&mr:referralID=NA&mr:trackingCode=CF72F1F9-1CEA-E011-8116-001517B1882A&origin=pla

I feel better.  Don't you feel better?


Makeup Misadventure Megapost


So, last night I went to a makeup event organized by Lancome at Macy's.  Got it?  Whoever made an appointment got their makeup done by some fancy pants make up artist, his name sounded like "Derek", but it was less American.  He had his team there, so I assumed they all had to be good (enough).  Know what I mean?  And Lancome boasted that "Derek" would do EVERY ONE's makeup in some form.  Well, turns out "Derek" did every one's eye color.  Before I go on, let me just say, I was VERY pleased with my makeup.  I bought the Smoldering Gold eye palette, which I've been trying to find online for the past 15 minutes and have had ZERO luck.  It's one of the holiday palettes, and a "limited edition" which I find to be extremely RUDE.  Here, let me encourage you to purchase this and love this, but you won't be able to find it after December 15 (I made that up, hopefully the case is the part that's limited edition).
My colors are different.  But see the case?
Can also find at Sephora.

So, I was expecting to have a little fun with the artist that was assigned to me.  Let's call him, Robin.  He was very rambunctious, flamboyant, and flirtin' with outrageous.  Well, eventually I became a little offended.  I was like, let's remember we don't really know each other! 

He asked me where my face got the most oily. 
I said, my skin is dry. 
He said, but when you get oily, where is your face the most oily?
I said, my skin is dry. 
He said, when you get oily, is it in your T-zone?
I said, my skin is dry.


So, then he asked about my skin care routine.  I said I wash it, exfoliate, use day (or night) lotion, then an all over lotion, and extra sunscreen (my lotions have SPF in them, but I use more.  You can never use too much SPF!!  Wait.. Can you?).  Then, he told me my skincare routine wasn't good enough, and said no toner?  Really.  So, my skincare routine isn't good enough because you found the one thing I don't use.  He asked me if I need to replenish any part of my skin care, I said no.  And that seemed to be the end of it.  So, I didn't feel pressured to buy any of that.  But Robin did tell me at least four times why and that I should be using whatever it was, something in French.  I said if it's not from America, I'm not wearing it.  I didn't say that.  But should have.

After the skin care stuff came color.  Robin did my overall coverage, which was very pretty.  He kept telling me to "touch your face! touch your face! Isn't it soft!" Clearly, I mocked him, oh yeahhhhhhhh sooOOOOoooo soft!! Blah.  Same soft as Mary Kay!  I barely had any blush on, not sure if there was a purpose, or that's just what they thought.  And my lips were very pretty!  A very rich magenta, not hot magenta, rich.  But it's not a practical lip for me.  I like to not have to use a mirror to put my lip gloss/stuff on.  But I definitely kept the colors handy, so I could decide later.  A great holiday/party/event lip option.  Then, came "Derek" and the eyes. Whatevs.  The mood immediately went from borderline professional to totally unprofessional.  "Derek" and my guy were rather flirtatious, and there was a lot of inappropriateness.  Basically, I was ready to be donezo.  Again, once I saw my makeup, I loved it.  Especially my eyes.  That's another thing, I never saw anything until they were totally done.  When Robin asked if I wanted to purchase anything, I had to say, "I think so, but I don't know what you used or where you used it.  Can you show me?" And he did, of course.  But sheesh!  That's like you coming to the clinic and me saying, "Ok, 4 sets of 15, Go." 4 sets of 15 of what?

After my face was complete, a Lancome consultant asked if there was anything I couldn't leave without.  I told her the Smoldering Gold eye palette.  I thought she said she would get it for me.  So, I kind of waited around.  Chatted with Mom, Jan, Kiki and Janet.  And then felt like it had been a while, so Jan told me to head over to the Lancome counter.  I did.  I was stopped by a different Lancome consultant.  She asked, "Is your make up done?"  Ummmmmm... Really??  Which is exactly what I said to her, "You can't tell?" She came up with some BS, "Well, you're so young it's probably natural."


Then, she asked if she could help me.  I said I thought "Sarah" (I eventually found out her name, which isn't Sarah, but for the purpose of this awesome story, it is.) was getting my eye palette for me, but I'm not sure, because it's kind of been a while, so I thought I'd come check.  Well, then I was passed off to another consultant.  Said something along the same lines, and added, "She's over there chatting."  And I said it nicely, I wasn't trying to imply that shouldn't be doing that.  Just that I was confused and wanted my palette.  The woman said, "What did you say?" I said, "Chatting." She said, "Oh, I thought you said, 'Shatting.'"  Again, REALLY????  I was totally offended that she thought I would say that, and responded, "I wouldn't say something like that!" Well, I would.  But not in Macy's to someone I don't know, about someone I don't know.


Finally, with the Smoldering Gold palette in hand, I left.

I'm worn out.

So, I still can't find the exact palette online.  But they are similar colors to what I've always worn.  Yellow gold, pinky gold, brown, and then there is this color that looks straight up like a piece of gunmetal.  When applied it looks a lot like glitter.  Which I LOVE!  And finally there is a black shadow in the palette.  I'm not a huge fan of eyeliner, I don't think I'm very good at it, which is a surprise to you because I'm good at so many things!  But I always feel like I look like a girl who is wearing eyeliner.  And I don't like it.  So, when I'm wearing eyeliner, it's usually a dark eyeshadow.  Well, this shadow goes on so smooth, it makes it so easy to line my eyes!  Again, I really love the makeup.

Happy Friday!
Hi-five for the best story EVER!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 Days Till Christmas!

Yeah, that's right.  I said it!

Can you believe it's December? 

Was anyone as confused as I was by the Grammy Nomination Concert??  I totally thought it was the Grammy's.  I started getting confused when I realized it didn't start till 9pm, and then when I realized it was still 2011 and these were the 2011 Grammy's.  How is that possible?  Anyway, the Grammy's are in February.  This was just a tease.  Has there been Grammy Nomination Concerts before?  Like was there one in 2010? 

Anyway, did you see BAND PERRY!!!  I kept shrieking it last night.  And obvi I abbreviated (leaving out "THE").  They rocked!  They performed "Independence" which is one of my favs because they medley it with Tom Petty's Free-Fallin' LOVVVVVVE!!!!  I also LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE when current bands cover "the oldies" and other music that isn't their genre.  I'm pretty sure Sugarland performed Beyonce's "Bootylicious"!  And of course it was AMAZING!  I'm almost to my point now...

How amazing was that Lady Gaga and Sugarland duet!!!  I think it was a three-et, considering Sugarland is two people.  But you know what I mean.  If you missed, here it is.


Happy Thursday and Happy December!!