Thursday, July 28, 2011


OMG! I'm sitting here eating m&m's and in my pretty little head popped, "OMG! Do you remember when they (Mars) added blue m&m's to the m&m's!" But for reals, do you? It was such an ordeal! In 1995, America voted (wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before American Idol) for blue, pink, or purple. What did you vote for? And I just wiki'ed m&m's, and it reminded me that we were voting to replace tan. I've eaten more m&m's than most people living today and I can honestly say, I do not remember the tan m&m. But wiki doesn't lie.

Here's the link.

The timeline is super interesting.

Have you ever been to F.A.O. Schweets? Does it still exist? I think I went in Chicago. OMG. m&m HEAVEN!! I probably spent 4 hours in there trying to decide which combo of green m&m's to get!

If you ever wanna buy me a present, add a pack of m&m's. They're my fav.

Happy Thursday!

PS Sorry for being M.I.A.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post World Cup Post

I'm so unmotivated to blog. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHg (get it?).

How many of you recently became bigger, fatter soccer lovers? You probably became big, fat, soccer lovers when you watched USA play in 2010. I bet you went CRAZY when Landon Donovan knocked in the winner to beat Algeria 1-0?

Then you probably watched this 1,879,566 times.

And then since you kinda read about the drama that went on in 2007 after Brazil smoked USA, you thought you might check out this year's quarterfinals game against Brazil, and you probably broke your mom's favorite lamp when Abby Wambach put in the equalizer with like 4 seconds to go in stoppage time. Then, I'm sure you did cartwheels in the backyard after Ali Krieger scored the last pk to win the game. Right?

Then you watched this 9,743,596 times.

And then you painted your face for the final game? That's what I thought. I bet you were pretty crushed when USA didn't win. Me too. But there's nothing to be sad about. 2nd best in the world! HELL YES!

GO USA, Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ummm, I Have A Blog? I Have A Blog.

Holy Shit! I borderline forgot about this thing!!! So, the wedding was AWE-SOME! And I have lots of pics and I can't wait to share them! The wedding was GOR. GEOUS! I don't think anyone was prepared for this beauty! The wedding took place at Chestnut Mountain Resort at the Grand View Pointe. We took a trolley from the front door of the resort 1/4 mile to the Pointe. I loved how the reception and the ceremony took place at the Pointe, but not on the same piece of land? The reception and ceremony were separated by a small hill and trees. Does that make sense? Probably not.. unless you were there.

The weather cooperated in that there was no rain, but it was hotter than hell. The poor boys in their suits.. at least I was half naked, in my navy strapless number! Ow! Ow! Wait until you see how good I looked!! Anyway, it was hot. I don't remember wanting to pass out during the ceremony.. we were all in the shade and there was a nice breeze. But then I started dancing..

I hope Em's vision came true for her wedding day, because I don't think it could have been any more gorgeous! Ribbons hung from the trees, attached to the "floating" ends of the ribbons were wedding pictures brought by guests, there were wine bottle trees, lawn games, a man made photo booth, flip flops provided for the dancing machines (yours truly), gold fish on selected tables.. everything was so lighthearted and happy.. it was seriously what I imagine any bride would want their wedding to feel like, regardless of theme or settings.

Pics. GO!

The (back of the) dress!! 
The Bride
Sister Sister!
Emily G!
View from the Bridal Suite
Relatives sharing a mirror
MOH Sophie in the mirror
Gorgeous Bride

I love the silhouette!
With the cake!
Sophie making her FABULOUS speech!
The cake!
Bluebird toppers 
Aunt Deb (Mother of the Bride), Sophie (my cousin, Bride's sis and MOH) 
Me and Mom
Aunt Deb and Mom
First Dance

Me and Uncle Bob, look at the intensity!
Rocky Top
Me and Dad
Me, Sophie and Aly (another cousin and Jr. Bridesmaid)
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
SERIOUSLY! Are you sobbing yet!! GORGEOUS!
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
Me and Mick (my cousin and brother of the bride)
See the tent? And the ribbons? And the sassyness!! 
Look at that train! WOWZA
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
God Bless my sweet, sweet cousin, Emily Elizabeth DAWSON!!!!!

What else do you need to see! 

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

Wedding Weekend has arrived!!! After work, we are heading north to participate in Emily and Nick's Wedding Weekend Extravaganza! I'm so looking forward to this! And it just so happens they're getting married at a resort.. Clearly, they were thinking about me during this decision process. Why, yes, I'll stay at the resort where you're getting married. It's really the only thing that makes sense!! Yours truly is a bridesmaid. Mani/pedi, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, hair and makeup, wedding, par-tee time.

Let's do it.

1.  What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod (or whatever you use)?

Yes. iPod.
And probably "Take it Easy" by The Eagles. Duh.

2.  What’s your favorite type of exercise?

Um.. eating healthy so I don't have to exercise?
I'll go with soccer, golf or basketball.
I tolerate running.

3.  What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

Bike! I'm a terrible bike rider.
And by "terrible" I mean, I have no confidence.
I go pretty slow, apply brakes way before necessary, and always wear a helmet.
Maybe if I could touch the ground with my toes from my seat, I'd be a bit more of a daredevil.
4.  If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?

Totally legal, done with school, but totally ok if you don't have a job because you just finished school.
And, no one judges you if you live at home because...
Drum roll please...
you just finished school!

5.  When you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you use it to do?

Um.. I think I'm doing absolutely nothing.

6.  What do you miss the most about being a kid?

I am not a kid?

7.  When was the last time you were nervous?

Um.. Watching USA play France and being tied 1-1 until the 79th minute. HOLLER!

8.  What was the first thing you bought with your own money when you were young?

The first thing I remember saving for and buying is a Coach purse.
I was 18.

9.  What is your favorite month of the year?

I love Thursdays.

10.  What are 3 songs from the soundtrack of your life?

1. MMMBOP, Hanson... For reals, listen to the lyrics.
2. I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womack
3. P.I.M.P, 50 Cent... totally serious.

Next time I see write you, my gorgeous cousin Emily, will be a MRS.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello Loves!
OMG! Where have I been!!

So fourth of July (weekend) was a BA-LAST!

Friday to Sunday, Wes and I spent in Southern Illinois. We played in a golf a tournament and tied for first. Just so you know, I was the only girl. Boo-ya! Monday morning, Mom and I baked many delicious treasures, then spent a few hours at the Chesterfield pool, in the lazy river. My favorite kind of river. And I got burnt. I blame Mom. It's ok, she's used to it. Monday evening, we ate our delicious treasures and watched the Chesterfield fireworks! I love fireworks. And I love fourth of July!

Tuesday, dad and I had off work. So we went golfing. And I beat him. I left with 6 more dollars than I came with. BIGGGGGGGGGGGG MONEY!!! Whenever we bet, I want to bet big, but only when I know I'm going to win. At least if I lost, which is rare, I would have only had to pay $6. Know what I mean?

Stop drooling. You're impressed, aren't you?

Monkey and Adam

Wednesday was a regular ol' day back at work and Thursday is when I was attacked by the Pharyngitis. That's right. For the record, if I had a sore throat, I would just say sore throat. Pharyngitis does not equal sore throat. Thursday morning I was awaken by some terribleness in my throat. Since I sleep like my dad (Mouth wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open), I usually wake up parched. I have a fan, too. So I tried to chalk this up to my sleeping habits, and got up and got some water. That did not help. It was a struggle to get back to sleep, but I managed. When I woke up again, my throat was better. My shower helped, too. I told mom of my troubles and she sent me to work with some Halls. God Bless her. I felt fine except for my throat most of the day. I was freezing all day, but that can be normal for work temperatures. Around 3pm, I. Got. HOT. When I got home, I took my temp and had a 101 fever. Yikes! I took some Ibuprofen and went to work. Yeah, I know. Shame on me. But it was payday. However, CHECKS WEREN'T READY! Serves me right, I guess. Friday morning I woke up feeling MUCH better. I had the day off because around 12:30, Megan and I were headed to Chicago to see BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!! I bummed around most of the morning, sucking on my supplement drops as needed. I left for Chicago, no problem. A few five hours later, I felt like I had this ridiculous sized lump in my throat. Like you're at a sad movie, and trying not to cry.. like that. Only worse. From then on, the lump just decided to take over my life. I tried to fight back with a hot dog, lots of water and ice cream. Lump was winning. Then, Britney came out on stage. Lump can't keep me down. I hooted and hollered for Brit, and knew lump would be mad later. Lump was indeed mad. I had trouble sleeping again, and popped Halls like nobody's business. We spent Saturday in Chicago, shopping and eating and shopping and drinking water. Saturday night we opted to stay in, with ice cream and movies. Sunday we got up and made the drive home! I had a great time!

Notice I'm wearing my USA jersey under that sweet leather vest, that I didn't end up buying. Who watched the game? How amazing was it? On a scale from 8-402.. OH. EM. GEE!!! We're destined to win! It's in the bag! We'll beat France, no problem. Then probably end up playing Sweden again in the finals. Which is fine. Because we'll beat them, too. If you missed it.. come to my house, because it's recorded, or here are the highlights.

I don't want to get into any of the deets. Unless you do, then let's chat about it.

Did you know Sunday was the 12th anniversary of USA winning in PKs over China in 1999. How fitting!

After I got home Sunday, Mom took me to urgent care. Where adorbs Dr. Goeller treated me for Pharyngitis. He swabbed my right tonsil for strep, but that came back negative. However, still being treated for it. Which is fine as long as it clears up the Pharyngitis!

Next game is Wednesday, against Les Bleus.. that's French for France, and I think at 11:30 am. GO USA!

Happy Tuesday!