Monday, April 30, 2012


I hope everyone has a GREAT day, on account that it's my BIRTHDAY!

Happiest Monday ever!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


OMG I finally got my shoes!

Reebok RealFlex Transition c/o Reebok (And HammerBodies)

(You guys see how I got to write "c/o".. when real bloggers get stuff from peeps they write that.  That's how you know the item was FREE!  HIGH FIVE) These are the Reebok RealFlex (should be ReelFlex.. get it?) Transition.  I think they're the Nike Free (all versions) competitor.  I have a couple pairs of the Nike Free.. two different looks.  I don't use them for anything very rigorous.  Not enough stability for me.  These Reeboks are super cool.  I like them a lot after 1 evening of bouncing around the house, up and down stairs for a sodie.  I would say the color you see, is pretty close to IRL color.  The Reebok symbol is only on the outside, which is weird to me, but doesn't affect how it fits and feels of course.  I think they have a bit of a retro look.  Remember Reebok Classics??  They came back to cool about 5 years ago, I had a navy pair.  Anyway, I think the toe is similar.  For a not stability shoe, I feel like there is a lot of cushion, but maybe that's because they're new.  I'm considering slipping my inserts in them and taking them for a spin on the treadmill.  I'm also a huge fan of the Reebok Zigs, I wore a pair for some longer runs despite the comments and recommendations.  I could tell the stability wasn't there, but they were completely comfortable, and super light weight!  I guess I thought my RealFlex's would be more ziggy.  I'm sad they aren't.

What else do you have that's OMGWorthy?

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Blogger?

Whoa... Blogger went and redesigned everything!  I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, if I'm writing in the right box, and what will happen after I select publish!  Only one way to find out...

Over the weekend I celebrated Val and Gooch's 30th birthday with friends and cake and blow pops!  I think those blow pops were actually a gift for Val... Sorry!

Happy Birthday!
That's sorta it.  Tonight, my Reebok's are arriving!!  See what a little beefing can do!?  Tomorrow, I will be racing to the closest T-Mobile store for the NEW HTC S 1.  Bye-bye blackberry.  I will be adding instagram, Draw Something and Words With Friends first.. then contacts and whatever else.  Thursday, I have an indoor soccer game.  Friday, that hilarious looking move comes out with Emily Blunt and Jason Segel (did I get that right?), "Five Year Engagement" I think someone should take me to see that.  Saturday I will be celebrating the big 2-7!!  We had aspirations of hitting the wineries, but there is some rain in the 10-day.  So, we'll head to the brewery for a little beer school, and then take our smarts and put them to use in real life!  Dinner and dancing, but not necessarily on a dance floor to follow.  Three day weekend for this girl, HB to me!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Whatcha got for me?

Nothing really is plaguing me... We're supposed to be getting free Reeboks at work.  Haven't seen those, that's kind of annoying.  But beggars can't be choosers, right?  WRONG.  That doesn't even apply.  You told me I was getting shoes, now get me shoes!  I even started following Reebok on Twitter, so that when I got my shoes I could twit pic and thank them personally via Twitter personally.  C'MON REEBOK! This week's excuse, "The distribution center is out." REALLY? The distribution center is TOTALLY OUT OF SHOES?  Then why does Finish Line have them?  I've been looking for a pic of them for like 45 minutes.

Here's another beef.  Bra shopping.

I've been fitted by Victoria's Secret and Dillard's.  Vickie put me in a couple of sizes, and said they were all the "same" and then said, "Which one feels better?" None Vic, they all SUCK.  How can a 36 B and a 38 A and a 34 C all be the same size?  There's no way.  If I'm a B cup, then I shouldn't fit into an A cup or a C cub if the number changes.  Or should I?  Dillard's said I needed a DD.  Hilarity.  Plus a little excitement, but mostly I was laughing.  There is NO WAY I'm a DD.  The cups are the size of my head.  No offense all my DD friends, more power to your head sized cups and plus, I'm just jeal.  I bought one two anyway, just so I could say I wore a DD.  But they have since both been trashed.  Dillard's girl told me the cup's wire should reach all the way to your arm pit.  "Because you don't want the cup to rub on your breast tissue."  Really? But it's ok to rub on my lymph node!  Go back to bra school!  (Disclaimer: That's not a derogatory demand towards anyone that works in retail.  It's just my beef.)

Happy Thursday!

Haha, I said "breast."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


SEE, totally titillating title.  How do you like THAT alliteration!!

I had a great idea for OMGW about 12 minutes ago.  Now, it's gone.

So, I'll leave you with this.

And this...

And this.. Farting is so funny, you can't deny it.

Happy Wednesday!
(Videos 1&2: Ben Crane, PGA golfer, Video 3: Ma boo)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My titles are very lackluster, aren't they?  In English class, in high school, I learned having a catchy title was half the battle.  I remember naming my paper, "Ice Cream Sundae."  My paper had nothing to do with ice cream sundaes, but it got my teacher's attention.  Tomorrow, I promise a much cooler title.

Friday, I went to the Cards home opener.  Yeah, yeah, we lost.  But we won the series.  Weather was poopy, but we had a good time.  Friday night, we met up with a birthday girl at Blondie's on Washington Ave. This place was totes adorbs.  I think it calls itself a "Coffee and Wine bar." I  had soup and hard liquor #winning And the desserts, OH EM GEE!  Try the Blondie, obvi.  From there we spent the rest of the evening bar hopping along "WASH AVE."

Saturday, we saw 21 Jump Street.  It was very funny.  We laughed a lot.  Try not to fall in love with Dave Franco.

Sunday, I almost had a heart attack at The City Museum.  This was my third time going.  Every time I've been, I've been full grown.  The City Museum boasts that Mark McGwire can fit through everything.  That's a blatant lie.  Have you seen Mark McGwire?  And this is not a jab at the steroid thing. 

My knees are skinned and bruised, along with my elbows. My lats are sore, and my heart murmur for sure became a full on heart attack somewhere near hour 1.  But we had so much fun!  We followed kids and were chased by kids.  I may have mislead one little girl by answering when she yelled for her friend.  It was all in good fun.  The 10 story slide isn't even the best part.  Next time, I'm wearing hiking boots, knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet and a headlamp.  We finished up Sunday afternoon with snacks and bevs at The Dubliner and dessert at Gelateria Tavolini (the official link to GT was "forbidden" just google it), both on Washington Ave.

With a full belly I drove home... in a tornado.  Classic.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's What's Your Beef Thursday!  I think at one point I was going to do this weekly, but obvi I forgot.  I've been part of a WYBT (Tuesday) group since 2007, so I'm carrying it over to here... and to Thursdays.  Because I forgot on Tuesday.  And thanks, Megan, for the nudge push shove nudge.

Most recently... I bought a 3 pack of Stride gum.  If you follow me on Twitter (and you should, I'm very funny) you might already know this.  I'm not a big gum chewer, I keep it around at the office mainly to kick cravings on Chocolate Friday or to freshen up.  Anyway, I'll chew whatever gum I've got, in reason.  I mean, it has be a new piece.  But this is probably my first experience with Stride.  And you know how the ram has to kick it out of you in the commercials... because the flavor lasts "soooooooo longggggg" well, it's not true in real life.  Actually, I don't know if there is a ram, because I usually end up grabbing a new piece my self.

Also, do you see whats happening in the news?  I mean with Ann Romney.  The REALLY important stuff.  Disclaimer:  I don't know that much.  Some other female self proclaimed democrat (or maybe she really is a democrat... whatever she is, she has enough street cred to be on Fox News with my girl Megyn Kelly and to matter) said that Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life" because Ann is or was (I dunno the ages of her boys) a stay at home mom.  Here's what I say... F YOU OTHER LADY.  I don't really know what started this.  I think Ann was speaking for women of the US about economic issues, and economic struggles.  (I don't even know what that means.)   And the other democratic woman was obvi jealous.  And, I guess, saying that Ann doesn't know what she's talking about because she's never had economic issues??  Since she had the luxury to stay at home.  I have a feeling raising 5 boys is no luxury.  Here's my beef though, what in the world does this have to do with anything?  I say, save it for the Real Housewives of DC.

Here's the article:

Also, this is not beef.  This is the opposite.  Like vegan eggs.

Have you seen this?

Try not to fall in love with those things!!  I won't be mad if you get me one.

Happy Thursday!

What's your Beef?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


OMG!! Friday is the Cards home opener!!!!!!  Who's going??  I know a certain mom-to-be that has a wayyyy overdue 3 day weekend this weekend.  Wonder what she's going to do on Friday??  This girl is taking a vacation day on Friday also, along with a certain "neutral" fan.  I'll give you two guesses where you can find us.  Hint: I'll be wearing red, and will be forcing red upon Granger.  I'm not sure why it isn't a St. Louis Metropolitan Area holiday.  I just tweeted Mayor Slay.

The Cards have been playing for at least a week now, I'm pretty sure.  Yep, just checked.  Season opener was last Wednesday.  And we're sitting pretty at 5-1.

Here is April's schedule, in case you want to take me to a game.

David Freese


Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday Donald and Bussie!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After lunch we all get a little chatty here at the office.  Today we're talking about The Titanic.  The movie, the re-release in 3D, big news people.  Lots of conversations happening.  One guy says save the men and children.  I guess I can't argue, I would say that too if I was a dude.  One of the perks to being a lady.  You get to be saved first.  Of course, lots of women and children died on that boat.  Another ish.. James Cameron had the sky wrong.  Yep, use that for your next trivia night.  Apparently, he's fixing it for the re-release.  Makes me want to see it now. 

Over the weekend I saw American Reunion with a gal pal.  We laughed our heads off.  I've seen all American Pie movies, I really only remember enjoying the first one.  I can't remember if I truly liked it or just liked that my parents probably didn't really want me to see it.  Regardless of the crude and raunchtastic humor, it wasn't that bad.  Beats that one Reese Witherspoon movie (don't let the great cast fool you) I saw at Christmas last year.  The one where she's a softball player.  Yeah, that movie sucked.

Easter was very low key.  Dad and I played golf Friday and Sunday.  Friday I won 12 bucks.  Cha ching.  Sunday, I only lost to Tiger by 5 strokes.  LPGA is calling.  Did anyone watch The Masters?  My ginger friend Lauren was watching.  Her dad may have been forcing her, but she was totally into it.  I believe we've got ourselves a new fan.  She even posted this (also below) to her FB in honor of the 2012 Masters champ... Bubba.  This summer I'll be teaching golf to any of those interested.  It will be a beginner course.  And preferably for my friends only.  It will be more fun for me.

I also attended an incredibly adorable baby shower for a dear friend.  OMG, the decorations were delightful!  I didn't want to leave, I felt so stinkin' cute because I was surrounded by so much stinkin' cuteness.  Sweet girls at that party, too.  Megs is having a baby girl.  I'm partial to girls, probably because I am one.  Which brings me to this.. Registries.  The idea is great, especially for the people your parents invite.  The ones you don't really know.  I'm talking weddings, babies, whatever else you register for.  I generally try to find something on the registry, but I also like to buy something not on the registry... for an element of surprise.
What do you girls (and guys?) think?  Are you a strict stick-to-the-registry kinda gal/guy?  And if you're shopping for babies, how in the world do you only buy one thing??  It's no wonder you get less stuff the older you get, it's not as fun to buy!

I'll give you $5 if you can guess what OMGW is about.

Happy Tuesday.