Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm bored..

Just a little background on the "I'm bored.." phenomenon.. Don't roll your eyes, I'm not exaggerating.

A group of us took a trip to Hilton Head, SC end of May.. in the middle of normal.. err.. typical conversation, Sarah Buss blurts out "I'm bored.." REALLY BUSS??? How appropriate.. turns out, Buss' short lived Tourette syndrome was more than appropriate, it was AMAZE! Props to Professor Ball BUSSter for starting this new trend.

Lucky for Buss, and with most thanks to me, this "I'm bored" fad has officially bypassed the temporary-ness because.. you guessed it.. I'm still talking, using, saying it! High-five!

As you can tell, we're all pretty bored.
Disclaimer: There were more very important people on this trip, however, the group shown, is the group that flew together. And those who fly together, well, are bored together.

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