Friday, October 12, 2012


Workouts this week: NOTHING! WOO!

Well, it's been 6 days since the 1st Annual Hero Run!  Did you think I died?  Well, I almost did.  Not literally, just being dramatic.  My splits are on my Garmin, so I will add those later... I had 1 negative split, I think miles 7 and 8.  Listen to me and all my technical running stuff.  It was a very successful race for a 1st Annual.  And I'm not just saying that because Mary Lou Retton Rybicki was a contributor.  All monies raised went to the Wounded Warrior Project, and I raised $700 for the 1LT Robert Wilson Collins Patriot Spirit Scholarship.  My Run For Rob teammates will be hitting the Soldier Marathon in a month.. Such a GREAT cause, and again, I'm honored to a part of this group. Anywho, back to my very credible race re-cap/review I was mildly annoyed that there were no chips, but I had my time on my watch.  It's just that sometimes often times the chip time is faster.  And that's always a great thing!  Purely selfish.  And, my watch said the path was 13.5 miles, so I was always ahead of the mile markers.  Not a huge problem, only mental. I also heard the same from a few other runners.  So, I guess my PR isn't quite official.  But it is.  So there.

My time at 13.1 was 2:13:07.  Good for an almost 2 min PR.  I was itching to beat 2:10, but could easily blame the above chip and path issues... However, I'm aware I died around mile 11, therefore missed my goal.  But that's O-freaking-K... life goes on, like in Feb. in AZ... I'm coming for you sub 2:10.  I will have some help from my Chicago-Marathon-Killing-Boston-Marathon-Qualifying friend.  If I'm REALLY nice, he'll design my training program.. I'm not even scared, he only runs 3x a week.  So, obvi, he knows what he's doing!! Anyway, on to pics!  YAY pics!

Pit stop.

Trying to stay warm!
Waiting at the start...

The top pic of this collage was my favorite part.
Nice touch Hero Run race committee!

I did a little bit of running, too.
See that pretty lady in the pink?  That's my mom.
She ran the last 5K with me and provided mental CPR.
Thanks Mom!

The hardware.
I'd like to thank my Mom (my race crew).  And others that were there cheering me on... All of the Rybickis, Amanda and Joe.  You guys rock.  I'd also like to thank those who donated and/or considered donating.  I appreciate your time and your consideration, and you!


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  1. Glad to be an official member of the Jwil18 RACE CREW! Lookout Arizona, but I won't bring Mike & Ike's. Mom is very proud of you Jessica Leigh.