Monday, December 29, 2014

Call the Cops.

Call the Cops. There's a robbery in progress... Granger about to steal the showwwwwww.

It's a song, guyz, calm your shit (Nelly's "Steal the Show")

My bestie, LEG, is starting her own blog. Yahoo! She typos a lot when we text and email, and she knows it, and she knows I hate it! I used to delete her Facebook comments when she typo-ed. I just hate it. Sometimes I make her re-tweet (not RT, but do it over) at me when she typos in the first one. IG won't let me delete comments, so that's good for her. And stressful for me. All I'm saying is, ignore them. She means well.

We saw The Fray together, so here's a picture of the concert. I am blogging from work (shocking) and I don't have pictures here. GRANGER SEND ME (at work) A GOOD PICTURE OF US!

Merry Christmas. Mine was awesome, how was yours? Happy New Year.

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