Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Glory Day

Guys, there was this one high school basketball game I played in. I mean I played in a thousand, but this one game will always stand out. We lost 1000 - 10. Uh, basically. I think the real score was like 84-26. No chance, right?

The particular school we were playing was and will always be a great rival of mine, mostly because of my loyalty to the red, white and black. AND this specific team had 5 (FIVE!) potential D1 NCAA starters - There was one girl who ended up playing volleyball in college instead of basketball. That's the only reason for my use of "potential" - One individual on said team went on to play in the WNBA, and professionally around the world.  She is currently coaching for George Mason University.

Let me tell you, this young woman was clearly the best basketball talent I ever came across, and I played in a lot of tournaments, I went to invite only camps, and I NEVER saw anyone with even close to the same poise, talent, and discipline of this athlete.

Which brings back to this one game... I, Jessica Leigh Wilson of Chesterfield, MO, picked Dionnah Jackson's crossover SO CLEAN, it was like buttering a piece of bread, with margarine. I mean it was so easy. I was stunned. She probably remembers, too, because I bet it only happened that one time in high school... or ever.

What happened after isn't important... BUT, what a great moment, right! I'm pretty sure I autographed the stat book that night, or at least suggested I should get to... right next to 33 Jessica Wilson SG. Steals 1. Nevermind that I was high scorer that night with 8 pts - I had that one steal, that one fabulous steal.

Wishing everyone at least one fabulous moment this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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