Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Pedro Martinez Wilson!

My mom just informed me.. It's Pedro's Birthday!!!! (Actually, we think it was yesterday.. but close enough!)

When I first met Pedro, I thought he was a girl. I named him Cinderella (Elle for short) and he fit in my hand. Around Thanksgiving he had finally turned 6 weeks old and his wittle ballsies had dropped and then WALLAH he became Pedro Martinez Wilson.. did I mention he's also Murrexican? He's from Murray, KY and obviously Mexican. If you've been lucky enough to meet the big lug you already know he's fat, crazy, chatty and uber sweet.

Here are my two favorite pics of him, I don't have many on this computer.

Pedro, the Elf

Livin' the Life
For those of you who think cats are stupid (Wes), this one is not. He knows where we live.. Pedro goes outside often, he knows where to go to let us know he wants to go out (he can choose from one of four doors) and he knows where to come back to.. although he's been lost more than once..

He can fetch.

He can turn the doorknob. On the reals.

Happy Birthday, Big Guy.

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