Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The first title to this post was "MARCH MADNESS", then I remembered it is WEDNESDAY!!  And I'm sure Timmy is waiting patiently for this.. hopefully wearing his MURRAY STATE T!  (I've got a new one for you, I should probably send it!)  Anywho, how many times have you heard "March Madness" in any type of tense?  Did that sentence make (Why didn't anyone tell me this sentence said "my sense"? Oh duh, I know.. because nobody reads this!) sense?  AH!  I RHYMED!  Seriously, I bet I'll say March Madness 26 times a day in the month of March, and probably into April, because I'll be like, "Remember March Madness, when..."

Back to OMGW...


Over the weekend, I was in Iowa to celebrate Grant's first birthday.  Holy moly, what a looker!  This kid is cute on Facebook, but in real life.  HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO NURSE!!  Is that weird?  He's 1.  And we're related.  I had such a nice weekend with lots of family!  I arrived late Friday night, Saturday we were up and at 'em for Water Babies!  Grant was only dunked twice.  He loved it.  Seriously, this kid is going to be all sorts of athlete, I've got to figure out how to buy stock in him.  He's public property, right?  After Water Babies, we met John, Adrian, Jenny, Hayley, Brenna, Noah, Uncle Doug, and Aunt Karen for lunch at Tasty Tacos.  OMG.  This place is the  It's Bud's favorite.  I've been to Des Moines, IA like 256,809 times, and I've eaten at Tasty Tacos 256,801 times.  I recommend making the drive for these babies.
Original flour tacos
There is no where in Missouri like this, and no where in Missouri has these.  SO GOOD.  I think I'm going back this weekend for more. 

We were able to catch the OVC Championship game Saturday afternoon, and the RACERS are CHAMPS again!  This Sunday is SELECTION SUNDAY.  I'm interested to see how we fair!  And I know you are too!

The birthday party was fabulous!  Katie is a pro!  She ordered Pizza Hut, and Aunt Karen made a salad.  The theme was GOODNIGHT MOON (Do you remember the book?).  It's Grant's favorite!  The cake was Goodnight Moon, the balloons, the plates, napkins, cups, party hats!  After dinner and during the Iowa State game (The Cyclones beat Baylor!!) Grant Jeff opened presents.  Grant wasn't too interested, but I'm certain he has probably enjoyed them to the max since!  This kid loves Mickey's Clubhouse.  Specifically, Mickey.  I wish everyone could see this (DAMN!  Why didn't I video!!!).  He loves the hot dog song, too.  He usually just watches contently until he sees Mickey and then he gets hype!  So cute!  Sunday we had breakfast at the Cozy Cafe and after, I was on my way home!

I was able to see Em, Nick, Tab, Nat, Mike, Aunt Pam, and Uncle Bob, too!!  So lucky!

Happy Birthday, Grant!
Happy Wednesday!

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