Tuesday, September 25, 2012


All I'm saying is... You would be so lucky to have THIS family in THIS state.

Picture 1:  Iowa's finest!  Seriously, these are the best tacos you'll ever have.
Picture 2:  G MAN!  My love!
Picture 3/4:  Tab and me.  How HILARIOUS is picture number 3?  She'll kill me if she knows that pic is on the Internet, but that would mean she's reading my blog!  Hi-five blog.
Picture 5:  One reason my uncle may be better than yours.
Picture 6:  Cockscomb at Des Moines farmers market.
Picture 7:  (Little) girls at Blue Moon
Picture 8:  Baby Henry
Picture 9:  We made it personal! (See picture 7, guess which one is "Dago baby")
Picture 10:  Girls and Baby Henry!
Picture 11:  WAKE UP HENRY!
Picture 12:  Tasty Tacos (See how I destroy them in Picture 1)
Picture 13:  Welcome fire.

Happy Tuesday!  New Girl is BACK tonight!

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