Friday, September 21, 2012

Headed North

Hey Dudes.
Monday: 5 mi
Tuesday: HUGE W for Abusement Park, 1 goal and 9,000 Defensive stops for this girl.
Weds: 3 mi
Thursday: 11 mi (WHAT?? I KNOW! ON THE F ING TREADMILL! 1:49)
Friday: Drive to Iowa (... Zack 10 bucks), consume crown in the honor of THIS GUY (below).

Papa, he would be 87 today.
Sat: Farmers Market and family time and piano bar
Sun: Drive home
I guess I'll run again on purpose on Monday.

What's in Iowa you ask?
These people.

Have a great weekend!
15 days till half marathon.
26 days till NEW YORK.

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