Friday, September 17, 2010


Some Friday's are just way more crucial than others. And I missed GUEST BLOG THURSDAY, again.. Second Blogger's foul in two weeks, I'm embarrassed.

So let's devote this fabulous Friday to two things: A guest blog from THE Mary Rybicki and a chat about accesories/accessorizing.

See Mare's "Ode to Scarves" below:


I would like to start this by saying, I am not much for the accessory. As cute as they all are, give me a pair of earrings from Wal-Mart and I am set to go. But, over the last year, I have become a HUGE fan of wearing scarves. I am talking ANY kind of scarf. Scarves are the absolute best accessory you can get these days. Not only do they add color to any outfit you wear but they also replace a necklace. They jazz up any outfit.

Working in an office, I am expected to dress business casual/professional. Let me just say, I have stretched the limits on what is considered “business casual”. I have tried every way possible to get away with being as casual as possible without people calling me out. Last year I discovered that I can wear a V-neck t with a scarf and people automatically think it is dressy. It is amazing! I have worn the v-neck without a scarf and my boss makes a comment on my casual attire. Throw a scarf around my neck and he thinks it looks so nice!

Another good use for a scarf is when your shirt/dress is a little bit lower cut than appropriate for an office setting. I have been asked why I am wearing a scarf when it is 90 degrees outside. My response, “I wanted to wear this shirt and it is inappropriate for work”. I usually get a very puzzled look and a head nod. I love that the sole purpose of a scarf is no longer soley to keep your neck warm….

Why are you so dressed up?
I too am a minimal accessorizer.. usually because i forget or am running late, it takes at least 17 extra seconds to run back upstairs and grab a bracelet! Accessorizing isn't easy.. overaccessorizing is.

My favorite these days is a long necklace. From a single chain and chunky charm to a beaded strand, a necklace makes everything better.. I even love wearing a long necklace with a ruffled t or tank.. It might be the J.Crew in me, but I just love it! So RIGHT NOW.

Tank + Necklace

Similar Tank + Scarf

Necklace + Ruffles

Necklace + More Ruffles

Not bad, eh?


  1. I'm a little late on this, but have to say that i too am a HUGE scarf lover (Ask Kate, she gets annoyed by it)!! So props to you Mary!! And everyone here in Lithuania wears scarves so I'm set! (And also learning tons of new ways to wear them! I'll be sure to share :) )

  2. I can't wait to learn! When is orientation for Scarf Class? I found a typo.. I meant accessories, not accesories.