Friday, September 3, 2010


It's the hottest thing since Thirsty Thursday! (It's not really that hot at all.. and I stole that bit from WYBT and Tyler Riordan.. I haven't beefed in ages.. hmmmmmm I'm thinking WYBT BLOG!!! Ty?)

Today's guest blog comes from, my dear friend, Mary Lou Keith Rybicki.
Show me whatchu got Pretty Mama.

Play-off baseball is right around the corner! Like many of the WONDERFUL St. Louis Cardinals fans, I am hanging on every pitch, swing and out as the season comes to an end.. as well as trying to get down to the stadium to see as many games as possible.

Busch Stadium is one of my favorite places in the whole world! I have said many times, if I could live there, I would. Since the new stadium was built, many people have voiced their displeasure on the design and various other things. I can handle the new stadium and actually really like it. I can handle the $8.75 beers along with all the other expenses that go along with going to a game. I can even tolerate the ignorant fans!

She means Cubs fans..

The one thing that I cannot handle is the Commemorative Bricks all around the stadium! I understand that they are a great money grab, that people will really cherish them, and for the most part.. they look pretty nice. I just feel like there has GOT to be a better time to stand in the middle of the side walk reading EACH brick to find yours!

Seriously, there are 45,000 people all trying to get somewhere and you feel the need to stand with your head down right in my walkway. And what is even better is the person who is walking with their head down trying to find their brick and running into the back of me! It doesn’t help that many of the bricks are in front of the busiest gate of the stadium! Do me a favor, if you have a brick, come to the game late so you aren’t in my way, or leave in the 7th inning, so I do not have to trip over you! Take a picture of it once and be done!

You heard her.

Next time I go to a game with Mary, I'm looking for my brick.. Right in front of her!!! HA!

Thank you, Lou! And I'd like to apologize for being a day first known Blogger Foul.. I'm not proud, but just like my first blemish.. it was bound to happen!

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