Thursday, July 28, 2011


OMG! I'm sitting here eating m&m's and in my pretty little head popped, "OMG! Do you remember when they (Mars) added blue m&m's to the m&m's!" But for reals, do you? It was such an ordeal! In 1995, America voted (wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before American Idol) for blue, pink, or purple. What did you vote for? And I just wiki'ed m&m's, and it reminded me that we were voting to replace tan. I've eaten more m&m's than most people living today and I can honestly say, I do not remember the tan m&m. But wiki doesn't lie.

Here's the link.

The timeline is super interesting.

Have you ever been to F.A.O. Schweets? Does it still exist? I think I went in Chicago. OMG. m&m HEAVEN!! I probably spent 4 hours in there trying to decide which combo of green m&m's to get!

If you ever wanna buy me a present, add a pack of m&m's. They're my fav.

Happy Thursday!

PS Sorry for being M.I.A.

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