Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ummm, I Have A Blog? I Have A Blog.

Holy Shit! I borderline forgot about this thing!!! So, the wedding was AWE-SOME! And I have lots of pics and I can't wait to share them! The wedding was GOR. GEOUS! I don't think anyone was prepared for this beauty! The wedding took place at Chestnut Mountain Resort at the Grand View Pointe. We took a trolley from the front door of the resort 1/4 mile to the Pointe. I loved how the reception and the ceremony took place at the Pointe, but not on the same piece of land? The reception and ceremony were separated by a small hill and trees. Does that make sense? Probably not.. unless you were there.

The weather cooperated in that there was no rain, but it was hotter than hell. The poor boys in their suits.. at least I was half naked, in my navy strapless number! Ow! Ow! Wait until you see how good I looked!! Anyway, it was hot. I don't remember wanting to pass out during the ceremony.. we were all in the shade and there was a nice breeze. But then I started dancing..

I hope Em's vision came true for her wedding day, because I don't think it could have been any more gorgeous! Ribbons hung from the trees, attached to the "floating" ends of the ribbons were wedding pictures brought by guests, there were wine bottle trees, lawn games, a man made photo booth, flip flops provided for the dancing machines (yours truly), gold fish on selected tables.. everything was so lighthearted and happy.. it was seriously what I imagine any bride would want their wedding to feel like, regardless of theme or settings.

Pics. GO!

The (back of the) dress!! 
The Bride
Sister Sister!
Emily G!
View from the Bridal Suite
Relatives sharing a mirror
MOH Sophie in the mirror
Gorgeous Bride

I love the silhouette!
With the cake!
Sophie making her FABULOUS speech!
The cake!
Bluebird toppers 
Aunt Deb (Mother of the Bride), Sophie (my cousin, Bride's sis and MOH) 
Me and Mom
Aunt Deb and Mom
First Dance

Me and Uncle Bob, look at the intensity!
Rocky Top
Me and Dad
Me, Sophie and Aly (another cousin and Jr. Bridesmaid)
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
SERIOUSLY! Are you sobbing yet!! GORGEOUS!
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
Me and Mick (my cousin and brother of the bride)
See the tent? And the ribbons? And the sassyness!! 
Look at that train! WOWZA
Professional pic by Casey Hein, Chasing Lilies Photography LLC
God Bless my sweet, sweet cousin, Emily Elizabeth DAWSON!!!!!

What else do you need to see! 

Happy Wednesday!

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