Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fools Rush In

Has anyone seen Fools Rush In? With Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek?? And I'm not looking for, "I've seen parts..." I want a full out, "YES!" and an added, "LOVE IT!" would be nice. Anyway, remember the part when Salma's brothers take Matthew (I don't remember their show names.. shame on me!) out for a boys day, or whatever. And Matthew comes back with a half empty bottle of Tequila and Cactus needles in his rump.. and he has this crazy, flirting with fake, Mexican Spanish Mexican accent.. Remember???? The brothers carry Matthew through the door and either throw him, or he falls face first on the floor, and says.. "Lucy, ju got some splainin ju do..." Ok. Yeah. So, I wish I talked like that when I was drunkski.. I wish it was like, "my thing." Like I couldn't help it.. in fact, I would drink more if it were just something that came natural while being under the influence. Then, I might even talk like that when we're all out at a bar, just because I can, and the worst thing that people will think of me is that I've had one too many fishbowl margaritas..

Happy Thursday :)

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