Friday, November 5, 2010

Are you there Chelsea? It's me, JDub.

Chelsea Handler will be at the Keil Savvis Scottrade Center in St. Louis tomorrow! YAHOO! I've read one or two (I can't remember) of Chelsea's books and they are ridiculously funny. I'm not particularly in love with her show, but I also don't stay up that late on a school night.. and if I'm up, I'm watching re-runs of "What Not to Wear".. or "The Mighty Ducks", but you knew that.

Are we all familiar with Chuy??? He's a 'little person' or maybe a dwarf.. or as we all really like to call 'them'.. midgets. Gross. No offense. But seriously. What's the point of him? I don't really know anything about him or them or the show or how she got her start.. all I know is what I read, and that she is HI-LAR-IOUS. And that is plenty for me.

I promise a full show recap on Monday (for ALL my readers.. whatever).

Did I mention, BUSTA IS BACK! (And full of celeb gossip..  I've heard the rumors, but never any worthy confirmation.. until NOW.. Chels and Fiddy are an item!)

She's a Jewish-Mormon.


  1. Holy LOVES! Just an fyi..she is dating 50 cent!

  2. What! I thought that was a rumor!?