Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Thankful For Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving was easily the best Thanksgiving I'll ever have in 2010.... ;)

We had family, friends, food, SNOW, tigers, lions, giraffes, okapis, lots of alcohol, a birthday, fun, and more food and alcohol!

In preparation, besides cleaning and cooking and baking, mom and I put together our centerpieces. If anyone wants to hire us to run their florist, we'll consider it, but it'll cost ya! Mom bought red roses, greens, and this yellow stuff...

The red roses and the yellow stuff.
Finished products!

Shame on me for not taking any pictures of the formal dinner table, but trust.. it was GORGE!

Our guests arrived Wednesday night, it was our typical Thanksgiving Eve.. snacks, pizza, drinking, and dessert making.. the best part, we get to try eat the desserts!

Notice the gorgeous centerpieces!
Usually, we run the Turkey Trot Thursday morning, this year we had SNOW! Can you believe it! SNOW! Because of this light wintry mix, we forfeited the run and slept in. I don't think anyone was that disappointed..

Thursday afternoon was passed with board games and champagne. After dinner, we worked off our tryptophan comas with a little Rock Band!

If anyone knows the drummer, tell him to call me ;)
Speaking of drummers, look out for this crazy chick on our upcoming Tour.

Friday afternoon was spent at the zoo and Saturday, at the Anheuser Busch Brewery in downtown St. Louis, MO. A select few attended Beer School in the morning and the rest of us met up with the graduates for the Beermaster Tour. It was AWESOME! We ended the magnificent weekend with a birthday!
Step 5: Adding hops and stuff..

The Clydesdales! The names above the stalls are the names of the original horses.
That is NOT Scott.
Happy 23rd Birthday!

Saturday night it was just Mom, Dad and me. We watched Julie and Julia, and loved it! Today, begins day 1 of Christmas Shopping!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am oh so thankful for my life.

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