Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lame Title.. err.. No Title Tuesday

I know what you're about to say, and save it! (WHERE'S THE FULL RECAP OF CHELSEA'S SHOW, THAT YOU PROMISED.. BOO HOO.. I'm talking to myself..)

The show was great. Not the best ever, but great. Chris Franjola opened for Chels. Apparently, he's on the show (Remember, I don't watch..) and he got boo-ed. Tear. Actually, it wasn't him, it was the sound.. we, in the upper decks had issues hearing the Comedian. Not cool. However, I giggled at his jokes. You know how some funny people just take it too far.. I felt like he did that. He did his thing for 15-20 mins, and that was plenty. Then, a mere 5 minutos later, Chelsea appeared! I wasn't fond of her outfit, neither was Mary.. which generally means, we're right. Her lady parts were super floppy when she jumped around.. maybe that's her bra's problem. Otherwise, she had her hair in a messy pony and was wearing a headband.. something I might wear to the gym versus a show.. I mean, I straightened my hair.. which as we all know, is a twice-a-year occurrence. Anywho.. she had kind of a ostrich-y walk, either because she was loaded or her feet hurt in her high heeled boots.. you tell me. Otherwise, HYSTERICAL. But, if you want me to go see her again, buy me a ticket or get me in for free.

Below is funny man, Chris Franjola. I bet I'm not the only one who didn't know him.

Chrissy poo

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