Monday, December 20, 2010

Forgotten Trip to Iowa?

What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is my problem? I had an amazing weekend (two weeks ago) in Iowa with my mom and I haven't even blogged about it yet! Talk about, LAME. Perhaps I was waiting until I uploaded the four pictures I captured.. yeah that's it.. and no, I haven't done that either..

Any who, my weekend.. in words..

So, Mom and I drove up on a Friday.. after work.. we took our dear sweetlittlebabyJesus time. Stopping every couple of hours to use the girls' room and get a soda.. the usual. Arriving to our final destination well before midnight.. HIGH FIVE!!

The temperature dropped to 4, and the rain started early Saturday morning, leaving the whole state (and north, I presume) rather icy.. then around 7:45am, snow began to fall! I love snow! I don't care how cold it is or how much I complain about it, I LOVE IT. Emily and my Aunt met up with us at the hotel, followed by Tab and David.. after gathering the troops, we made our way to the greatest lunch-ery in all of West Des Moines, IA.. Palmer's Deli! Just as we're finishing lunch, the blizzard is beginning. That's right. BLIZZARD. Whenever I was out in the blizzard, which was more often than you might think.. I had my eyes closed, but I bet it looked like a a big, fat, cold, snowy tornado.

We barely got through 1/4 of the mall, but were pretty successful with our Christmas shopping! We enjoyed a late dinner at the coolest sports bar in town.. minus the UFC fight.. Sure, I'll have a Chicken Cesar Salad and a bloody ear. VOM.

Sunday, the blizzard had ended, and the sun was out! Still windy, still cold, still slick.. Yours truly had a very special baptism to attend.. as I was becoming a Godmother.. Sunday evening was spent at Emily's very humble abode. She was excited to show us her Christmas tree!! And rightfully so, it's GORGE!! All five us (Em's hubby-to-be was a crucial member of girl's weekend.. we don't discriminate) teamed up to finish Emily's new kitchen chairs.. I don't have a picture, so only us fab five will know what I'm talking about.

Mom and I drove back Monday morning.. only got lost twice :)

I have reason to believe this will become an every December sort of thing.. Can't wait till December 2011!!

This is the only pic I have.. because it was on my phone.

This is my totally precious Godson..
He's afraid/very intrigued by the flash on my Blackberry Bold 9700 ;)
It was so wonderful to see all sides of my family!

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