Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nick's Day

Happy St. Nick's Day!

We've celebrated at our house for as long as I can remember! Not familiar with St. Nick's Day??? I'll fill you in.

St. Nick, "Everyone's Saint," patron saint of children and sailors, brides, the hungry, etc (Seriously, he's the patron saint of more causes than any other saint.) Anyway, Saint Nicholas (4th Century Greek Christian Bishop) had a reputation of secret gift-giving.. such has leaving gold coins in shoes (LIGHT BULB?).. Furthermore, becoming the model for.. say it with me.. SANTA CLAUS!!!!

St. Nick's feast day is Dec. 6th. So, on the night of Dec. 5th, leave your shoes outside your bedroom door, go to sleep with your fingers crossed (that's not really part of the tradition), and when you wake up.. PRESENTS!!!

Scarf, embellished t, skivvies, Glee 4.. THANK YOU ST. NICK!

19 Days till CHRISTMAS!!

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