Friday, December 3, 2010

T.G.I.F.. And I Really Mean It This Time!!!

Maybe I'm still Thanksgiving-lagged.. but.. while this week has gone by pretty darn fast, I'm painfully pooped.

Last night, my bf took me to see "Unstoppable." Otherwise known as, "The New Denzel Movie." I love Denzel! I totally recommend "The New Denzel Movie." A-MAZE-ZING! Chris Pine is in it, too.. he's not so terrible to look at either.

Looking forward to the 2010 Frostbite Open and NORDYNE holiday party this weekend. It's at HOME. Don't be confused with "my house", HOME is a Vegas-y, New York-y nightclub.. boasting the revolutionizing of nightlife in the midwest. With celebrity guests and star DJs. Kim Kardashian and Paris even made an appearance.. and I was there New Years Eve 2007/2008 (Shout out to TReedy13!).. the Miss America who had the coke problem/addiction/but didn't really do it was our host. Yippity-do-dah. There's only one problem, HOME closed in August.. to the public. It stays open for private parties, like OURS. Booyah! Actually I'm really just looking forward to wearing these.

You're welcome.

AND Tiger is leading the 2010 Chevron World Challenge! That's the last time Ian Poulter calls MY boyfriend "#2"

Happy Friday!

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