Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lady Lib is Da Man!

Check it out:

I would have totally copied Joanna's blog, but thought citing her and giving you the link was more appropriate. I don't want to piss in anyone's Cheerios, before it's socially acceptable to call someone's home (9 am, right?) Anyway, New York legalized gay marriage July 24, 2011. And a bunch of couples got married on July 24, 2011. That's pretty cool!

I 100% support people, and what they stand for (in reason, I guess). And afterall, this is what we believe in, as a country, right? (love, equality, persuit of happiness...) (Just ask Will Smith) I mean.. sure we have our different religions, but to me, believing in something is better than believing in nothing (if you're Athiest, and reading this, I know you believe in things.. just not a higher power.. and that's my point) (You do believe in other things, right? Like love? Chocolate Long Johns? Pets?).. America is practically synonomous with liberty, justice, independence.. among other things. And New York is like a mini America. This is totally awesome for the people! And this article is totes adorbs. (same article featured on Joanna's blog)

Happy Freakin' Wednesday!

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