Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Electronic what?

Sup Party People.

I have an e-mail pet peeve.. FIRST, I must share this: My father, so "with it" at times.. told me that we, Generation Y, are actually behind the times.. WHAT??? I know. He said, "kids these days do not have e-mail, do not wear a watch..." and something else.. I can't remember.. "they don't have e-mail because they text and they don't wear watches because they just look at their phones." Well, I'm confident that ONE of those is NOT TRUE.. you HAVE to have an email address to get on Facebook.. Duh..

Ok, so here's my e-mail pet peeve.. using the wrong name.. SERIOUSLY?? If I email you, it comes from or OR With the exception of the third email address, I think it's pretty easy to tell that my name is NOT Jennifer. And to call me Jennifer in your reply makes me think a couple of things.. 1. You're Rude and 2. You can't read. My work email has a signature, and I'm pretty sure it comes up to you as Jessica L. Wilson.. again, who is Jennifer?? In addition, my school email is/was I can't tell you how many times I got a response from a professor (they generally have a PHD, right?) that read, "Dear Jessical".. HONESTLY!

Also, I feel I would get annoyed if my name were David, and I went by Dave.. and my signature said Dave and I ended emails with, "Love, Dave" and people still replied to me with "Dear David".. I'm out of breath.

Can e-mails be set up so that when you reply it automatically inserts "Dear" and that person's WRONG name??


PS I'm bringing back "Sup."

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  1. Jessica (Yea Jessica) I can NOT stop laughing!!!