Thursday, August 26, 2010


I just created this GUEST BLOG THURSDAY madness! Hopefully it catches on! (Especially with ALL my 6 followers)..

My first guest blog on this inaugural Guest Blog Thursday comes from my totally amaze mother. She's a peach. See below :)

Well as long as you are talking about electronics and people paying attention-- perhaps you can find a few minutes to banter about the amount of time I sit and wait watching my PC while it "installs, initializes, connects, authorizes, saves, transfers, buffers, uploads, downloads -- logs in, logs out, bookmarks, edits and don't forget HELPS me!!!"

Sure, mom, I'll banter.. I just wanted to say banter.

Jessica, as long as I'm on a roll -- how do you feel about turn signals? Cars have them -- I'm sure it's a safety measure and most states require them. On my way to the mall today (VIP), I waited at three intersections for an oncoming car and guess what the driver did as they approached my car? THEY TURNED WITHOUT SIGNALING! What's with that?

I know! It's hard to believe some manufacturers forget to add the turn signal option! Because if it were there, people would use it, right??? One day, I'm going to change the "Welcome to Kentucky" sign from, "Welcome to Kentucky, Where Education Pays" to "Welcome to Kentucky, Land of No Turn Signals." Because NO ONE uses turn signals in Kentucky.

Thanks, mom! You're a natural!

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