Monday, August 16, 2010

When I was little, they were called "Leggins."

I think they're actually called "Leggings".. I wore them when I was little.. like before middle school. I'm pretty sure I had a white pair, with lace at the ankles.. then I probably put on ruffle-y socks and my Keds. I have no idea what I wore on top.. Mom?? Regardless, totally appropriate for a child in the 90s.

But what about now?? Apparently they are making a comeback, or have made a comeback and are sticking around. I, for one, only care when I see some chick who totally missed the "What Not to Wear: Leggings" episode. Like one of our summer interns.. she wears leggings everyday.. What planet is she from!? If it were me, I'd be wearing suits and pantyhose everyday.. something that says.. gee, I don't know, "HIRE ME!" Fool.

Once, I texted my boyfriend, "I think I'm going to buy some leggings." His response, "Why?" I'm not totally sure what he meant by this.. but I definitely interpreted it as "Why would you do that? Leggings are stupid and a waste of your money." Thanks, babe.

I don't understand the whole blue jean mini skirt/leggings phenomenon.. it's sort of like the blue jean mini and UGGS thing.. What kind of weather is it when you wear a mini skirt and shearling boots?? Is that same weather that calls for a denim mini and leggings?

Let's take a look.

Is that LiLo? I hate all of these outfits.

 And ripped leggings?? Seriously, Nordstrom? You're selling these! There is only one reason to hop on this crazy train.. you've suffered a terrible run in your favorite pair of tights. Otherwise, these belong in the trash.

Too much partyin' in the USA.

Kourt and Bethenny totally do leggings right.. If my favorite intern wore her leggings like this, I might actually consider talking to her.

These two are adorable! Remove the bellies and you still have two totally fabulous outfits.

To all my friends that wear leggings: I love you, I just don't love your leggings.

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