Friday, June 24, 2011

Fishtail Friday

When it's not Lent, it's fishtail.
I'm at work. I'm the only one in my department and it's Friday. You figure out the rest.

So, instead of snoozing under a cube that isn't being used, I decided to master the fishtail braid... on myself. WHOA.

So, I found some tutorials.

I started with this one..

And switched to a blond, because it was much easier for me to see.

And BOOMshakalakalaka.

First try...

Second try... 
Picture isn't as good but the shape is there!

Third try...

And, Master!

See ya later regular ol braided pony.. Hello Fishtail! Actually, I'll probably still braid. When I go somewhere fancy, I'll fishtail.

Have a SUPER weekend!

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