Wednesday, June 1, 2011


OMG! It's finally here! Tomorrow we leave for Washington DC! I promise to charge my camera nightly and take one zillion pictures. Then to post them promptly to my very popular blog so everyone can see. You're welcome. I wish I was like a fancier blogger person and had some guest posts lined up. But I don't. Wait. Any takers?

1.  Do you believe in ghosts?

Um. YES! When I was younger. I used to see people in my hallway.
They were dressed like Pilgrims.
I remember their stupid little buckled shoes.
There were women, men, children and dogs.
My parents' room is at the other end of the hallway, like 8 giant steps away (for reals, I tested).
I couldn't even run to their room with my head down because I'd see those dang shoes!
Then, senior year of high school, we did a project at the Lemp Mansion.
There were ghosts there, too.

I'm sorry, but if you were/are a Pilgrim. You're terrifying.

2.  Are you more of a talker or more of a listener?

Depends on my settings.

3.  Would you rather get up early or sleep late?

Get up early! I feel like I miss so much if I sleep in.
4.  If you could instantly become an expert at one type of dance, what type would you choose?

Then I'd be a pro on Dancing with the Stars and dance with Tiger Woods and Tim Riggins.
At the same time.

5.  What's your favorite drink?

Diet Mountain Dew

6.  If your house caught fire and you could only grab three things, what would they be?

MomDadPedroAndSweeper, Tuggie and a DMD.

7.  If you could only visit one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?

8. Who inspires you the most?

She inspires me to not throw my amazing life away by being stupid.
I'm not kidding.

9.  If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be?

Tiger Woods, Tim Riggins, Paris Hilton!

10.  Sneakers or sandals?


Everyone have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend!

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