Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Where have I been! I've been here, waiting on myself to upload my pics. Do I sound like a broken record? You're right. I sound better. Tonight may or may not be the night!

Last night we had a PSL game. Sounds big time, don't it? Premier Soccer League, in your face. Anyway, we won. Finally! I'm really not 100% sure, but I'm like 99% sure that the Goalkeeper that finishes the game gets the W (like peetchers in baseball), which basically means yours truly is the sole reason we won the game. SOLE.

Also in today's news, I found a new blog. Check out she blogs she blogs I've only been through pages 1-3, and the woman is hilarious. She's inspired me to be funnier. Which will either be really hard, because I'm already ridiculously gut-busting... or easy, because I'm good at being funny. Most things come easy for me... except for Chicago, tennis and up-dos. But up-dos aren't my fault.. I have a lot of hair.

So, this just in (and speaking of Chicago), me and my monkeys are headed to Chicago in a few weeks to see Brit Brit from the 12th-ish row!! HOLLERR!!! We'll prolly get a meet n greet, too! And I'm sure we'll also run walk shop the Magnificent Mile. And take a pic with the big bean.

That pic never gets old. I'm like the cutest sailor in the world.

Happy Wednesday!

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