Wednesday, September 7, 2011


HUMPH, what a weekend!!

But.. did you hear the news!! Zara launches online shopping in the US today! WOOO!!!

I don't have to swoon, lust, oohhhh and ahhhh over the clothes anymore! I can buy! Buy! Buy!

Check it out!

I want this. 
 And this, and this..

And this, and this.. 

 And, OMG, this sweater would be PERF for MSU Homecoming!!

And, I want every shoe on the website, but look at these totes adorbs t-strap flats. A must have (in a size 9, thanks!).

Happy Wednesday!

And I still have a giveaway coming.. don't you worry!


  1. i popped over to the website yesterday as well
    i had to pop right on off before i lost my head and all of my money lol

  2. We have a Zara at our mall here and i love it!! Happy you can enjoy it now too!

    Ps i don't say this enough but i LOVE your blogs. HILAR!! (and yes i abbreved (and just abbreved again) just for you! :)

  3. You rule, Ted. There is a Zara in Chicago, thank God. But now there is a Zara at my fingertips! MUahahhaa