Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TV is back!

HELLO.  I feel myself drifting from my blog.. solely because of PINTEREST.  I LOVE IT!  It's safe to say I'm obsessed.. no big deal.  Everyone go check it out.

Also, TV shows are back!  YAHOO!  I absolutely created a spreadsheet for some TV organization in mi vida.  I LOVE TV.  Remember when it used to be bad?  Or looked down upon?  Because if you're inside watching TV, you're not outside, and apparently obese.  Well, fooey.  Here's a break down for you.  You're welcome.

Two and a Half Men- if you missed it, watch it online.  Ashton is a star!

Dancing With The Stars-  I wanted to punch Hope Solo in the face.  I'm obvi a huge soccer fan, but please little baby Jesus let her cocky arrogant-ness be from nerves..  What is this, "I'm a pro athlete and that's why I have passion."  What?  Only pro athletes can have passion?  Get over yourself.  Or stop talking.  Or get a new PR person.  Rob Kardashian and KCav had better interviews than that!

I watched The Sing Off last night.. which I usually don't watch.  But I totally loved it.  Talk about talent!

And Castle is back on. 

I recorded  Glee, and New GirlAnna Kournikova is Jillian's replacement on The Biggest Loser.. not sure how I feel about that.. I'll probably still watch.

DWTS results is also on Tuesdays.. I usually don't watch and just look up who got the boot online or ask my Dad.  Ron Artest was the first to go.  Not too sad about it.

The Middle, Modern Family on ABC, both are an hour tonight.. I wonder if they'll be an hour going forward?

That's really all I know about Wednesday TV...

Charlie's Angels starts on ABC.. will you watch??  Not sure if I will.. maybe when something else is a repeat?  Minka Kelly will always be Lyla Garrity to me.. I don't think I'm ready to move on.  And I never saw the Charlie's Angels movies..

Grey's is still on!  I can't believe it.. I guess it hasn't been on as long as ER.  But I'll still watch, and then Private Practice.

Also on Thursdays.. The Office on NBC.  I know one big fan that's skeptical of James Spader.  Anyone else?  I'm looking forward to checking it out, at least the first episode anyway.  I actually really like the NBC Thursday line-up (Community, Parks & Rec, The Office and the new one, Whitney.).. I just am used to watching Grey's and Private Practice.. maybe I'll switch it up this season.

Did anyone watch Off The Map?  I loved it!  Mostly because of QB1 Matt Saracen.. but still.  I don't think it got picked back up. 

And, I'm boycotting TV on Fridays, because of Friday Night Lights.  So don't ask me what I'm watching on Fridays, because the answer will be nothing.

Happy Wednesday!  And Happy TV watching!  And GO CARDINALS!

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  1. I am so excited for new tv as well
    taking a break from DWTS since I met Maks over the summer, i don't want to tarnish anything lol
    can't wait for Grey's!! Loved Off The Map and am so sad not to find out what happens next
    recorded The New Girl
    Yea, TV