Friday, September 23, 2011


It's Friday, my peoples.. I totally titled this "TFIG" at first.  And then I laughed out loud.. to myself.

Short post today.

I received my first purchase ever from Zara last night.. do you recall how I had to find a dress for tomorrow's wedding.. you should recall, because it was in yesterday's blog.  Anyway, I ordered this dress.  And it's totally perf!!  I was a little nervous because of sizing.. I ordered a medium, which is usually a safe selection.  But my genius mom pointed out to me that the M measurements match a US size 6.  Which is questionable.. except for at Loft, I'm totes a size 6 there.  Look at me.. talking about my size on the world wide web.  Hi-five.

Anyway, dress fits like a dream!  I don't have citrus shoes, so I'll be wearing royal blue platforms..  and I'm gonna look awesome!  Pics to come, fo' sho.

Also, I went to put on an H&M sweater for only the 2nd time, and it has completely shrunk.. I'm all for $20 sweaters, but not when I only get one wear out of them.. Perhaps it will fit my Mom. 

Happy Friday!  Cheers to Meg and Joe getting hitched!

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