Monday, December 12, 2011

25 Car Accidents


How was your weekend??  Mine was fab!!  It started Thursday evening at dinner with my boo at Maggiano's in Brentwood.  Have you been?  I've been to the one in Nashville, TN, but never here.  It was delish!  We got such a good deal, too!  For $40, we could share an appetizer or get our own side salads (we chose salads), choose 2 (YES, TWO!) entrees from a list of 12-ish "Classic" pastas, one to eat in and one to take home.  And we also got dessert!  It was great!  And of course, you never finish your entree, so we took that to go, too!  Cha ching!  After dinner we saw Tower Heist.  I loved it!  I laughed my head off. 

Friday evening Wes took me to 1111 Mississippi, he rules!  No matter what, get the gooey butter cake when you go. 

Saturday, we played Demolition Ball!  It was way more fun that I ever imagined!  I mean the game itself.  I love my Hammer Buddies.  The bumper cars weren't your usual Six Flags bumper cars.  These had a bit more fire under their hoods.  And there was no electrical thing hitting the fence above you, I think all the electricity came from the ground.  And instead of a steering wheel, we used a joy stick, more like in a bumper boat.  Half the cars are yellow, half are red.  And there is a red target and a yellow target.  You play with one ball and scoops.  The idea is similar to basketball, I guess.  It took some getting used to!  There is NO SLASHING and NO BACK RAMMING.  Rules I may have decided to ignore.  My big play of the game... I straight up swatted Patrick, he's like 9 feet tall and one of his arms probably extends the length of my body.  We still lost.  After an hour of demo ball, we had our gift exchanged.  I ended up with a gift card to Einstein's Bagels, I'm super pumped!

Saturday night, Wes and I line danced our hearts out at Electric Cowboy, I love that place.  We watched Rounders Sunday late morning, and had dinner at Dewey's with mom and dad.  We finished the weekend right with a Murray State victory!! 76-72 over No. 21 Memphis.  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RACERS!

I'm feeling the wrath of demo ball today.  SUPER sore!!  Hands, arms, hips, legs, ribs... Apparently it's a full body workout...  or it's just like getting into 25 car accidents.

Happy Monday!

13 Days till Christmas, you ready?

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