Monday, December 19, 2011



This weekend needs to come back.  I don't recall getting enough sleep!

Friday evening we put another rec volleyball championship under our belts. 

I guess I had my foot kicked up, beacuse I definitely have two legs.
The little one in the orange was our MVP.

Saturday, Mom fnished decorating the tree, while I watched (and Mom listened and watched) half of the final season of Friday Night Lights, I'm looking forward to finishing it!  I miss Tim Riggins.  We did some shopping, met Dad for dinner and then I went out on the town with my Bff!  We met a group of boys and girls at Double D's, we all made it out without being signed up for Karaoke, I'm kind of impressed.

Kitchen Tree

Main Tree

While we were out, we found some eyeliner.
Jake has 3 sisters, he's used to it.

Granger and me
Sunday, Wessie and I did some shopping and then I went to the Blue's game with Katie, Nick and Justin.  It was a lot of fun, and the Blues won!!  Free Big Macs today with your ticket, and cheap sodies at Mobile.

Happy Monday! 6 days till Christmas!

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