Thursday, December 8, 2011


OMG I missed OMGW, again.

Here's what you missed.

Um, Monday, nothing happened.  But it was St. Nick's night!  Did you put your shoes out?  I did!

I was oh so generously gifted this jcrew scarf and onesie...

Some reading material (Allure Magazine, GREAT article with Lea Michelle), this Essie nail polish...

"Sew Psyched"

Some Vitamin B Complex (Cha ching!), and Goldfish crackers.

(I had all the items pictured as links, and all the links went to the homepages of the websites.  I'm annoyed!)

Tuesday, St. Nick's Day, Team Abusement Park added another W to our record with a thrilling 12-1 win over whomever it was we played.  Go ahead and give me your hat.

Wednesday, nada.

Today, a little decorating at The Duffman's.

Tomorrow, volleyball game.  We HAVE to win, no pressure.

Saturday, the highly anticipated HammerBodies Christmas Party!  We'll be playing Demolition Ball, you heard me.  And at night, you'll probably find me west of Chesterfield in my red cowboy boots.

Also, keep my BFF and this loveable mut (in black) in your thoughts and prayers.  He was hit by a car last week, and had hip surgery a couple of days ago.  Last I heard he was doing fine, just hard to keep the big guy down!
Soup, Katie, Wally, me: And we're the three best friends that anyone could have...
Happy Thursday!  If I don't talk to you have a great weekend!

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