Thursday, April 19, 2012


Whatcha got for me?

Nothing really is plaguing me... We're supposed to be getting free Reeboks at work.  Haven't seen those, that's kind of annoying.  But beggars can't be choosers, right?  WRONG.  That doesn't even apply.  You told me I was getting shoes, now get me shoes!  I even started following Reebok on Twitter, so that when I got my shoes I could twit pic and thank them personally via Twitter personally.  C'MON REEBOK! This week's excuse, "The distribution center is out." REALLY? The distribution center is TOTALLY OUT OF SHOES?  Then why does Finish Line have them?  I've been looking for a pic of them for like 45 minutes.

Here's another beef.  Bra shopping.

I've been fitted by Victoria's Secret and Dillard's.  Vickie put me in a couple of sizes, and said they were all the "same" and then said, "Which one feels better?" None Vic, they all SUCK.  How can a 36 B and a 38 A and a 34 C all be the same size?  There's no way.  If I'm a B cup, then I shouldn't fit into an A cup or a C cub if the number changes.  Or should I?  Dillard's said I needed a DD.  Hilarity.  Plus a little excitement, but mostly I was laughing.  There is NO WAY I'm a DD.  The cups are the size of my head.  No offense all my DD friends, more power to your head sized cups and plus, I'm just jeal.  I bought one two anyway, just so I could say I wore a DD.  But they have since both been trashed.  Dillard's girl told me the cup's wire should reach all the way to your arm pit.  "Because you don't want the cup to rub on your breast tissue."  Really? But it's ok to rub on my lymph node!  Go back to bra school!  (Disclaimer: That's not a derogatory demand towards anyone that works in retail.  It's just my beef.)

Happy Thursday!

Haha, I said "breast."


  1. This Reebok excuse sounds like a pretty typical Coach to me. Lame. Always lame. In other news, I'm a DD but Grace's food has made me, like a HHH ... it's insane. I can't move too fast or I'll slap myself with a black eye.

  2. Hahahahahahaha, I love it! Give me your DDs!