Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My titles are very lackluster, aren't they?  In English class, in high school, I learned having a catchy title was half the battle.  I remember naming my paper, "Ice Cream Sundae."  My paper had nothing to do with ice cream sundaes, but it got my teacher's attention.  Tomorrow, I promise a much cooler title.

Friday, I went to the Cards home opener.  Yeah, yeah, we lost.  But we won the series.  Weather was poopy, but we had a good time.  Friday night, we met up with a birthday girl at Blondie's on Washington Ave. This place was totes adorbs.  I think it calls itself a "Coffee and Wine bar." I  had soup and hard liquor #winning And the desserts, OH EM GEE!  Try the Blondie, obvi.  From there we spent the rest of the evening bar hopping along "WASH AVE."

Saturday, we saw 21 Jump Street.  It was very funny.  We laughed a lot.  Try not to fall in love with Dave Franco.

Sunday, I almost had a heart attack at The City Museum.  This was my third time going.  Every time I've been, I've been full grown.  The City Museum boasts that Mark McGwire can fit through everything.  That's a blatant lie.  Have you seen Mark McGwire?  And this is not a jab at the steroid thing. 

My knees are skinned and bruised, along with my elbows. My lats are sore, and my heart murmur for sure became a full on heart attack somewhere near hour 1.  But we had so much fun!  We followed kids and were chased by kids.  I may have mislead one little girl by answering when she yelled for her friend.  It was all in good fun.  The 10 story slide isn't even the best part.  Next time, I'm wearing hiking boots, knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet and a headlamp.  We finished up Sunday afternoon with snacks and bevs at The Dubliner and dessert at Gelateria Tavolini (the official link to GT was "forbidden" just google it), both on Washington Ave.

With a full belly I drove home... in a tornado.  Classic.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That's odd. One time I wrote an entire paper on Ice Cream Sundae's and titled it "Shoes and Socks". Hmmmm

    1. My "Ice Cream Sundae" was about Shakespeare. Next time I hear or read "ice cream sundae" it better be because I'm eating it.