Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After lunch we all get a little chatty here at the office.  Today we're talking about The Titanic.  The movie, the re-release in 3D, big news people.  Lots of conversations happening.  One guy says save the men and children.  I guess I can't argue, I would say that too if I was a dude.  One of the perks to being a lady.  You get to be saved first.  Of course, lots of women and children died on that boat.  Another ish.. James Cameron had the sky wrong.  Yep, use that for your next trivia night.  Apparently, he's fixing it for the re-release.  Makes me want to see it now. 

Over the weekend I saw American Reunion with a gal pal.  We laughed our heads off.  I've seen all American Pie movies, I really only remember enjoying the first one.  I can't remember if I truly liked it or just liked that my parents probably didn't really want me to see it.  Regardless of the crude and raunchtastic humor, it wasn't that bad.  Beats that one Reese Witherspoon movie (don't let the great cast fool you) I saw at Christmas last year.  The one where she's a softball player.  Yeah, that movie sucked.

Easter was very low key.  Dad and I played golf Friday and Sunday.  Friday I won 12 bucks.  Cha ching.  Sunday, I only lost to Tiger by 5 strokes.  LPGA is calling.  Did anyone watch The Masters?  My ginger friend Lauren was watching.  Her dad may have been forcing her, but she was totally into it.  I believe we've got ourselves a new fan.  She even posted this (also below) to her FB in honor of the 2012 Masters champ... Bubba.  This summer I'll be teaching golf to any of those interested.  It will be a beginner course.  And preferably for my friends only.  It will be more fun for me.

I also attended an incredibly adorable baby shower for a dear friend.  OMG, the decorations were delightful!  I didn't want to leave, I felt so stinkin' cute because I was surrounded by so much stinkin' cuteness.  Sweet girls at that party, too.  Megs is having a baby girl.  I'm partial to girls, probably because I am one.  Which brings me to this.. Registries.  The idea is great, especially for the people your parents invite.  The ones you don't really know.  I'm talking weddings, babies, whatever else you register for.  I generally try to find something on the registry, but I also like to buy something not on the registry... for an element of surprise.
What do you girls (and guys?) think?  Are you a strict stick-to-the-registry kinda gal/guy?  And if you're shopping for babies, how in the world do you only buy one thing??  It's no wonder you get less stuff the older you get, it's not as fun to buy!

I'll give you $5 if you can guess what OMGW is about.

Happy Tuesday.

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