Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes

Ok, who watched 'em? We watched up until Desperate Housewives started (How was Eva two places at once!? Magic!) and then turned back to the globes once Brothers and Sisters started.

And who were or wore your favs???

First of all, GLEE! YEAH (TV Series-Comedy, Best Supporting Actor-TV, KURT!)! Second, the facebook movie (Best Pic-Drama, Best Director, Best Original Score- Hello Cam and Jack Black in "The Holiday," Best Screenplay.)?? Really?? I mean, I loved the movie, found it totally entertaining and informational and interesting, but it just isn't a golden globe-ing movie to me. I feel like "The Social Network" should be a big winner for Teen Choice Awards, whatevs. Props to you, Mark Z. You bazillionaire, you sub-30 bazillionaire.. so jeal.

Best Actor, Colin Firth, mom approved, so I did, too. She said "The King's Speech" was totally awes. She'd see it again (with me!) which is a recommendation.

Best Acress, Natalie Portman.. "The Black Swan" is terrifying. You should see it, but I don't recommend it. And after her speech, I was like.. "uhhhh it's probably because she's pregnant and hormonal." Regardless, she's still pretty adorable.

Did anyone see "Love and Other Drugs"?

How about best and worst dressed?

Ann Hathaway looked amazing!

Good ol' Brad and Angie. I was surprised to see Angie in not black.

Even Crazy Eyes won something! And looked fab!

Kurt. I love you.

WTF? She's English. As in, from England.

Blah. Thanks for coming to present one award. Surely, we could have found someone else willing..

I feel like it's hard for the men of the Golden Globes to look bad and, different..
I adore you. Don't ever do a whacked out flick like Black Swan, again. EVER.
Love your hair. Want your hair. Hate your dress. I wouldn't spit on it, if it were on fi'a.

I just saw Mandy Moore in the pics right now, GORGE!

All the Gleeks looked AMAZE!
Hated it. Sorry, Sandy.
Xtina. I just rolled my eyes.
I feel like there were more long sleeved dresses, I totally loved them!! Also lots of muted tones.. like beiges, and champagnes, pinks and peaches.. looked better on some than others. That's norm.

Happy MLK day!

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