Monday, January 31, 2011

I love Monday.

Make no mistake, by "I love Monday." I mean today, as in this Monday, as in only this Monday (so far).

I feel awesome today. And mostly because of my hair. I love my hair. I have awesome hair.

People say, I have Jennifer Aniston's hair. Actually, it's better.. because it's thicker and just better overall, because I am better than Jen. That's right people, I said it. My hairstylist says I have Jen's color (and it's natural, that's right.. I have virgin hair). I think that's what I meant by, "I have Jennifer Aniston's hair." Anyway, I usually dry the front of my hair, pull the rest back in a low pony, with a side part.. and then off I go.. I can twirl my pony tail around my finger as it dries and BOOM perfect Cheerio pony. This is my preferred hair style.. if you will.. Cheerio pony or braid.

See Quinn's perf pony above.
Speaking of Cheerios.. When does Glee come back? 1 out of my 3 loves have returned to me.. Tiger Woods, making his not so adequate debut over the weekend at the Farmers Insurance Open, but a debut nonetheless.. still no word from Tim Riggins.. and Brittany, as in Brittany Susan Pierce of Glee (real name is Heather Morris but just as I prefer to think of Taylor Kitsch as a real Tim Riggins, I prefer to think of Heather Morris as a real Brittany Susan Pierce.. following?).. I love her!

Watch her here..

Happy Monday. The world is ending tonight, tomorrow and into Wednesday by way of ice, ice and snow, and tornadoes. For reals.. here's my forecast..

I'll miss you, too.

And before I forget, I love this Monday because my pony dried amazingly amazing. Sometimes I lose track of thought..

And also!

Check out Team Rybicki (also part of Team Hope) after dominating the ING Miami Half Marathon..

Way to go, you guys!
L to R: Dr. R, Sarah, Mary Lou Retton Rybicki, Tommy
If you're in town Feb. 11, come to the Casino Queen for a FUNdraiser for Team Hope. I'll be there.

And Happy Monday, again.

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