Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Old Skool

So going around the Blogosphere are "The 7 Things About My Childhood" (That I'm assuming one should know..) Bloggers are tagging other Bloggers.. and while I'm known only to family and friends, no big time bloggers (YET!!!) thus, never being tagged.. I thought I would do my own "The 7 Things About My Childhood."


Numero Uno:
Although there have been many stuffed things..
Tuggie (short for Tuggins) slept and continues to sleep with me every night.
I've had him since I was one (Speaking of uno..)

Me with Tuggie, Gramcakes, Papa, Cousin Emi

2. I've had cats my whole life, usually two at a time.
 Prissy (Priscilla) and Poey (Napoleon) 
Poey and Racket
Racket and Woody (Woodrow Wilson, 28th President)
Racket and Sweeper
Sweeper and Pedro (currently cat nappin' at home)

Racket was MY first cat. I had her from ages 3-21.
She lived to be 18 (For all you History majors..)

3. I'm an only child.
So, when my friends were playing with their brother and sisters, 
I was playing with my dad.
 (Mom, too, of course, but for the purpose of the picture..)

Whadda guy!

4. As you already know, because you read this..
I spent lots of time at the hospital/doctor. And not because I'm clumsy!
Whatever. Scars are sexy. And I am awesome.

5. Don't be intimidated by my beauty,
 and my totally normal obsession with all-things-sailor (it was totally the clothes)..
Glamour shots, 1990.
Mom was there, too.

You're welcome.

6. By 4th grade, I was your typical "jock".. I think, anyway.
Playing every sport, and letting you know about it.
I wore Adidas Sambas, soccer shorts and over sized t-shirts to school everyday..
rain, snow, or shine.
Don't worry, Mrs. Hines. Dr. Sato said it was OK.

7. In 5th Grade, I was big into the NBA.
 Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Shaq, Penny Hardaway.
(I wore their shoes!.. not their shoes, the replicas.. in my size..)
Our assignment was to pick a person, and write something about him/her.
I picked Charles Barkley.
The best part.. we traced ourselves on big pieces of paper,
and then colored, drew, cut and pasted to make 'our person.'
Then, it was laminated! Boo-yah!

Leave your "The 7 Things About My Childhood" in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!


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  2. 7 things about my childhood from Mom:

    1 I am the 3rd child of eight; I was 7 with 4 brothers before my sister was born.
    2 I loved to watch my mom bake pies
    3 I spent my summers in the pool.
    4 Mom and I popped popcorn every Saturday night
    5 I ate gourmet Italian food and didn't know it
    6 My family was large, loud and very close
    7 I never had a stitch or a broken bone, but I spent alot of time in the ER with my siblings.

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  4. Amen to gourmet Italian food! (I spelled gourmet wrong the first time.. haha)