Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tek-NO-lodge-i-kull Advances.

This is how the dictionary does it.. tek-nuh-loj-i-kuhl

I get a little more serious with the second syllable, "no". Whenever I have to pronounce the word in real life, I enunciate the "no" part, too. But only for "technological," because, let's be real, saying "technology" like "tek-NO-lodge-ee" makes you sound silly.

Anyway, Mary and I were just reminiscing about VHS (what's the plural?? VHSs?), and how funny it would be if we had our seasons of Gilmore Girls on VHS. Wouldn't that be funny!? We were trying to figure out how many episodes of a particular season would be on one VHS.. whatever the answer is, we're pretty sure it would be ridiculously frustrating and time consuming to figure out! I bet you'd have to fast forward and rewind and then fast forward some more. Totally unlike a DVD! Mr. Dvd, you are smart.

What are your favorite tek-no-lodge-i-kull advances?


  1. Did you know you can program your TV to record a program or series (MOXIE) using your PC? Now that is a Tek No lodge i kull advancement!

  2. Holy Cow! Now if I could only send from my tv to my iPad!